He Thought My GRANDMASTER Mom Was A Beginner In Chess…

We went to Washington Square Park in NYC and this park chess player thought that my mom was a beginner in chess, even though she is a grandmaster.


Watch my first encounter with Johnny here:

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  1. He's definitely a character on center stage

  2. This guy could write Chess: The Movie as the next big movie franchise with epic battles.

  3. 😂be hilarious if mom started out on the flanks instead the center hahahah

  4. Morgan Freeman couldn't have told that story better.

  5. You women are such a great INSPIRATION to women everywhere.
    Well played. Class act!!
    Thank you !!!

  6. When this man said, "oh my goodness! I want to play you one more!". I cried. I'm a 43 year old guy, and the complete lack of ego or anger in this guy is what I need to strive for in life. I would have been upset if I were him. Goes to show how much I have to learn. I would have felt like they were making fun of me, or getting a laugh at my expense. Which isn't the worst thing I guess, but I'm touchy about things like that. Of course Pia is the most docile, calm person I've ever seen play chess. Great video, really. I learned a lot.

  7. Difficult to watch – he would have been wise to check and not assume first. He is keen and passionate but comes across as a bit of a know it all.

  8. This is the final form of mansplaining lmao

  9. This guy is incredible!!

    Credit where credit is due, he is so passionate about the game and is so willing to share his love for it, that it's hard not to get drawn in by his infectious enthusiasm!

    I'm new to the channel and it seems the titles of the videos are predominantly "clickbaity" and somewhat derogatory.
    Obviously designed to draw people in.

    I just wish they more accurately reflected the content of the video.
    Surely a title reflecting what this man actually did would still bring in the viewers?

  10. That man has true passion and respect for the game and skills of opponents. Love seeing this

  11. He would be great to read slam poetry or just narrate some kind of short film or something

  12. What a sweet man!!! Such a pleasant departure from the trash-talkers. So nice!

  13. As Elo of 600-900 those two rules mean nothing to GMs when i watch GMs they got they owns rules like math 3rd grade you can’t do that boom later math well you can

  14. This is the equivalent of creating a smurf account on a video game and tee’ing off on noobs.

  15. What a wholesome exchange. Gotta love this guy. Once he knew she was a GM he just wanted another opportunity to play her.

  16. Guy: Who is the most famous person you've ever met?

    Mom: Probably Karpov ☺️

    Guy: 😧

  17. I'd have liked Magnus play this guy and open with A4 haha

  18. I've played with John a few times. He's good.

  19. man watching your mom crush some of these wind bags, feels nice man lols.

  20. This guy is a sweetheart, but dang, he does like to hear himself talk… 😂😂😂😂

  21. This guy needs to narrate mob fiction audiobooks

  22. What a wonderful man, his enthusiasm and passion are like a bright beacon and his reaction when he found out he was playing a GM, Priceless

  23. That dude is a natural storytelling and teacher, truly captivating

  24. It’s not about what you teach, but the passion you put into it.

  25. This guys got passion but mother of God he rambles like crazy

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