GM Robin is BACK! Chess but you can’t see your opponent’s pieces

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  1. I think it's so dumb you can capture Kings. It should still be illegal to not get out of Check and you should be able to infer that your King is under attack somehow

  2. Yoo 4th commenter … pls like my comment for good luck….love your vids

  3. So weird, I was missing robin a couple years back from the chessbrahs, then found out he moved to my town in Canada lol. Hoping to randomly see him on the street someday.

  4. Maybe add another board which has the complete board for the viewers.

  5. If it will be possible in the future do odds games vs under 1000 where ONLY you have fog of war!!

  6. More evidence if more were needed GM's aint normal people. Personally I'm not convinced they are really are people.

  7. The burger gambit is back on the menu. OGs know what I’m talking bout

  8. This is honestly the perfect handicap. I think I can beat Hikaru if he doesn’t know where my pieces are, but I can see his.

  9. at 18:05 – the reason you cant see h6, is because your pawn cant move to h6 because it is blocked. Therefore, you know queen in on h6. Pawns cannot move diagnoally, UNLESS something is capturable, hence why pawns cant normally see diagonally.

  10. “This is what the board looks like if you were 800” LOLLLLLLLLL

  11. Fog of War is fun, feel like it level's the playing field substantially.

  12. I've watched a number of GMs play this now and it's amazing how bad they are. It's like their pattern recognition is so engrained they can't adjust.

  13. How can GM's play 40 minutes of this variant across the two of them and still not understand that you can only see legal moves and you cannot see illegal moves…

  14. Yeah, FoW chess requires a lot of memory, one has to be very careful and is very hard indeed, at least at first anyway,. Welcome back Robin! Thx.

  15. I would love to see Alpha Zero learn to play this and then play against a GM. But I doubt that Alpha Zero could play this game at all because its programmers assumed a visible board.

  16. This video makes me feel like a genius, because these two guys are obviously real geniuses and they struggle so much with understanding the rules. Ergo, I'm smarter than them.

  17. I knew Aman would rule at this variant of chess

    It seems like everyone takes forever to properly understand the rules. Obviously there was a queen on H6 or it wouldn't be greyed out as the H7 pawn could move there

  18. What happens if you unwittingly castle through check? Do you lose?

  19. The variants chess con chess com are always lagging they need to fix it.

  20. Lol this variant reminds of the battle of winterfell where they couldn't see the white walkers army

  21. Fire Emblem players: fog of war maps are the worst maps in the game devs: This looks like a brilliant idea to apply to chess

  22. New idea for an odds match: Aman's screen looks like this and his opponent's screen looks normal

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