Gaining 100 Rating Points in a Single Chess Tournament

In this video, I compete in the January 2023 Titled Blitz Arena on I played every game in ZEN MODE which is a setting that hide my opponent’s username and rating, allowing me to solely focus on the chess. In total, I played 37 chess games and gained a lot of rating. Timestamps below!

0:00 London Opening leads to insane time scramble
7:00 BRUTAL Stafford Gambit
8:34 Stafford Gambit Quickie
9:55 Tricky London Opening
16:50 Queen’s Gambit Declined leads to WEIRD pawns
23:00 Tricky Petroff Defense
29:40 Short and Sweet Jobava London
33:17 ALL OUT London attack leads to CHAOS
39:37 Vienna Game: Mieses Variation
44:40 My favorite attacking opening for blitz
50:16 Stafford Gambit. Nice.
55:49 Sneaky London leads to epic battle
1:02:44 I’m so dead… Or am I?
1:10:06 Casually beating a GM in 14 moves (Stafford Gambit)
1:13:26 Opponents plays SUPER AGGRESSIVE vs London
1:18:01 Nimzo-Larsen Attack leads to OH NO YOUR QUEEN
1:20:47 London / Queens Gambit Hybrid leads to Fancy Tactic
1:26:28 Symmetrical Italian becomes super sharp
1:31:32 Ultra Aggressive Opening leads to UNSTOPPABLE Attack
1:34:45 All out ATTACK against Italian Opening
1:39:52 Accidental Gambit vs London Opening leads to POWERFUL Tactics
1:44:04 Unknowingly Beating a GM in 8 moves
1:45:27 Mystery Grandmaster BERSERKS. Craziness ensues
1:49:36 London leads to DIRTY ENDGAME
1:55:35 Pterodactyl Defense leads EPIC attack & time scramble
2:00:34 Weird Crazy Opening. I can’t believe who my opponent was.
2:06:01 Unknowingly playing one of the most famous chess players on the planet!!
2:10:10 Hungarian Opening leads to clutch checkmate
2:15:16 Grandmaster who I previously beat in 8 moves tries to get revenge
2:20:52 Russian Game: Tricky Murrey Variation leads to funny finish
2:26:51 Most basic Stafford Gambit Trap leads to unbelievable finish
2:33:29 Fighting a TROLL Opening
2:37:12 Danish Gambit Declined: Sorensen Defense
2:41:52 London leads to super close endgame
2:48:37 Petroff Murrey Variation vs famous strong GM
2:52:24 London leads to instructive King Pawn Endgame
2:55:19 Italian Game — AMAZING fight vs Berserking
3:00:55 Final thoughts and tourney recap

Final tournament standings (spoiler):


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  1. those 3 words every girl wants to hear:
    "Stafford Gambit time"

  2. 1:08:37 I've never seen a player so skilled at creating stalemate possibilities as Eric. He has tricked so many people into stalemate he deserves the Stalemate GM title.

  3. Finally found out what gg means, it's geriatric gangbang…

  4. At 14.11 i don't understand why he didnt go Queen takes pawn instead of trading, can somebody please explain for me?

  5. Eric Rosen playing bad is still 10x me playing my best

  6. Was looking through the distinguished alumni list for my school, Niles North, and saw you there lol.

  7. Hi Eric! Love the content as always. Any possibilities of more duck chess in the foreseeable future? It would make an eggcellent video…maybe it could even be made into a duckumentary?

  8. I have always hated Eric Rosen, especially because of his lack of Knowledge when it comes to checkers. Gotham chess will always be Superior because of his Integrity.

  9. So the gm Eric beat in 8 moves was Maxim Dlugy

  10. Love watching you play. You have improved my game.

  11. Hey there, Eric! Nice to see you crushing it with the Stafford ! When it goes well, it’s a beautiful thing!!
    As always… Wishing you well.

  12. What’s with all the commercials. Borderline unwatchable

  13. 1:44:03 has to be the funniest game I’ve seen in a while. GM runs into an opening and instantly regrets it

  14. Hey bro, do you have a tiktok account? I found one that upload your content but im not sure if it belongs to you

  15. Some doof doof viewer of yours came into the Gotham chat, insulted him and then got the pin of shame.

  16. The sequel to "This is what it feels like to peak at chess"

  17. The move at 1:25:15 in "London / Queens Gambit Hybrid leads to Fancy Tactic" is so cool!

  18. 83* points

    Enjoyed the games, but down-voted for the false title

  19. game against andreikin was so crazy, I felt like every single move being made by him was so bold but you still kept calm and collected. even just watching was nerve-wrecking

  20. That flag was brutal, Eric! Wow – what a performance. Can Zen mode be applied to live tournaments?! Well done indeed.

  21. This just means you’re underrated. And we all know that 🙂

  22. some carbohydrates and water in between?

  23. They say you can't serve two masters. Christ is King.

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