Fork Clork Slonk Monk #chess #chaturanga #chessmemes

What are you looking for? This is fork clork slonk monk in chess! This chaturanga ancient chess variation is the funniest out there! Try it out!
We present you the newest variation of chess! Chess vs Ancient Chess (Chaturanga) Who do you think will win in the Chess Memes Video?
The Ancient Chaturanga pieces or the normal chess pieces?
This memes video is fun and good at the same time!
I think the ancient chaturanga will smash today’s chess pieces.

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  1. You realize this is not stolen and anyone can just use they same AI voice

  2. Bro u have to checkmate in 51 moves to win not take all of their pieces 😂😂😂

  3. Copied from another guy i am reporting this, u added nothing whatsoever to it

  4. bro called chess in tamil wrongly its pronounced sathurungam but its spelled chathurangam

  5. bro just copying topchess make some original content loser😂😂😂

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