FOG OF WAR CHESS | My First Ever Game

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In this video, I try something a bit different… Fog of War Chess. While I didn’t fully know the rules when my first game started, I quickly caught on. Let me know in the comments if you want to see more videos like this and what variants I should try next! Try out some of’s newly added variants here:

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  1. Me and a couple of friends play our own unique chess rules. It's classical chess, but on Black's first move onward, each player may move a second piece on the same turn. Meaning you can move twice with two different pieces, but you may not move the same piece twice.

  2. premove is a setting, tap the settings icon in the top right and check premove, but you can only premove 1 move ahead unlike normal chess. hope it helps

  3. Strange how long it took you to understand the rules …

  4. @5:45 You know the pawn went to b5. Your b4 pawn lost vision of that square – meaning it can no longer enter it – meaning it has been occupied by the piece your opponent just moved, the b pawn.

  5. Pawns should be able to see the square in front of them.

  6. Now need Alpha Zero, aka an "AI" to play this Variant of chess. 🙂

  7. They should combine fog of war with king of the hill

  8. This game gives discovery check a new meaning

  9. Eric: we need more vision!
    Hikaru: I pretty much know where everything is

  10. I'll probably just buy the season pass at that point.

  11. Trivia time! Fog of War is a mechanic commonly seen in strategy games. Although the Fire Emblem series of Strategy RPGs is often mentioned as a pioneer of the mechanic (specifically, Fire Emblem: Thracia 776, released in 1999), it was actually first used in Super Famicom Wars, released in 1998. Both are made by the same development team (Intelligent Systems) so despite the credit often going to the wrong franchise, it does go the right people. Considering how the very turn-based strategy games that originated the mechanic are often compared to chess, I'm mostly surprised Fog of War Chess wasn't a thing sooner.

  12. I want you to play losing chess, you have to take a piece if a piece is available to take, and you either have to get checkmate or have no moves left to play. Bassically if you can lose you win. And whenever a piece is possible to take you have to take it

  13. This almost feels like playing battleship.

  14. "In the game of chess you can never let your adversary see your pieces" – Zapp Brannigan

  15. 9:58 – Misses the instructions in the bottom right corner and their opponent trying to talk to them.

  16. Add this game some resouecers and you have Age of Empires 0 😂

  17. anyone remember deadloxx from minecraft back in the day?

  18. Your "wow"s notwithstanding, fact is, you didn't have a clue why you won. You made a video of you playing this game without having any idea what the rules are, so you couldn't explain anything to your audience. Yes, that's right, you do actually have an audience.
    So you can win by illegally moving into check? Doesn't make any sense to me, either. But then, it's okay for me not to know the rules, since I'm just a curious spectator. Now I'll have to go elsewhere to learn about the rules, because this does look like a fascinating game.

    It should have been called "Darkside".

    Edit: enlarging the screen I can now see that your opponent lost on time.

  19. Playing regular chess is so easy after this. You actually see the pieces

  20. This practically defeats the whole purpose of chess, now instead of strategy and thinking ahead all you do is guess stuff.

  21. If you realize switching quickly can cause a literal deadly seizure put up a warning BEFORE the possibly deadly bit of video. The lack of care is disgusting

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