Fog of War Chess | GM Hikaru’s First Ever Game

GM Hikaru Nakamura learns how to play Fog of War vs IM Levy Rozman

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  1. This makes me want to do a fresh play through of Advanced Wars 1&2. Lol

  2. Cool. So it is now like StarCraft (or as I like to call it… "Fast, intense chess"

  3. I play StarCraft 2, so honestly this makes more sense to me than regular chess.

  4. Levy is having way too much fun and hikaru is just calculating the whole time lol

  5. "Im pretty sure i know exactly where ur pieces are Im just not 100 Percent sure"

  6. This is great just for the facial expressions

  7. I kind of like this. I could gamble on a game like this

  8. This is so cool. Whoever came up with this is brilliant 😂

  9. Man this Advance Wars caption really brings back memories

  10. hilarious seeing autistic hikaru getting rolled while calling levy trash.

  11. Levy is having the time of his life. hey hikaru. can you go to the park or something in a disgusie and woop on some people like a chess hustler. or some spoof content like that where you pretend to be a newb at chess. maybe go down to beach front and set up a table. itd be great content

  12. I'm 2 minutes in and have no idea why the center of the board is fog. 2/10, must try harder.

  13. Love the Advanced Wars themed thumbnail. What a great game to use to parody fog of war chess haha 😄

  14. Just realised that the E1/e8 queen exchange is a strong move in this version. The person doing the exchange will get lots of information and most likely no more castling

  15. This and other variants were the only great thing when I was forced to teach chess online cos of covid.

  16. Hikaru lost because he thought his opponent was making sane moves except Levy was having any of it

  17. I love seeing Levy be the master here. Won't be long before Hikaru shifts his thinking a bit and gets insane. Much like that excellent thumbnail. Advance Wars is one of my favorite game series.

  18. I'm sure that in such kind of chess a player should see one square by diagonal from each pawn.

  19. Hikaru struggling to unlearn decades of regular chess.
    Welcome to your glimpse of how being an actual field army commander feels, Hikky

  20. Advance Wars reference, love it! Grew up on Chess and AWs!

  21. Checkmating the king is actually a good way to capture the king.

  22. I thought i was watching gotham chess playing but it was Hikaru

  23. Knights are really important for maintaining vision in this variant I feel like, right?

  24. Bro… I just frickin realized that this is from Hikaru's perspective. I usually watch Levy's content, and so I just figured, especially because he was doing all the explaining, that he was the one I was watching. That makes things make a lot more sense xD.

  25. I wish you could see the pieces move through the fog of war, like a rook sweeping past a queen's vision

  26. What a beautiful Advance Wars thumbnail

  27. Hakuri talking sh*t then getting owned… this is definitely a rarity.

  28. Okay, someone has to take this video and add something popping out from behind Hikaru when he looks around.

  29. its so amazing that you can litreally play and hippo defense and not hang a single piece

  30. I thought he said that the pawns can see straight ahead but why couldn't hikaru's E4 see the pawn in front of it until thr knight revealed it

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