Faster than 4 Player Chess? Chaturaji


  1. Chaturthi is the ancestor of chess. Maybe ancient chess would sound right

  2. you got lucky
    you hung your king on the second move but red didnt take because at the time of the game being played checking two kings gave you 5 points
    now it only gives you 1 point
    if they had changed that rule before this game you would have lost on move 3
    honestly long term it may have been a better move for red to capture your king giving them better chances of promoting their pawns down the line

  3. you are telling me that a 1600 rated player hung a king on move 2
    1600 rated player hung a king on move 2
    this guy is 1660 and he hung a king on move 2
    161660 and he hung a king on move 2
    didnt see a checked king
    red could have took the mans king
    didnt take the mans king
    could have took the mans king

    at least this guy has checkmate in his profile picture cause he hung checkmate

    (do you get the reference?)

  4. Wait, why didn't red took your king on move 3?? It's the whole idea of the opening!

  5. Not getting points for winning is bizarre.

  6. It would be possible to check three kings with a rook if it happens with a capture.

  7. I think it's technically possible to check 3 kings at once, because a king isn't required to move out of check. So if your rook or bishop are checking one king, and he doesn't move, and the other two are lined up perfectly, you could check 3 at once.

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