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In this video I try Atomic Chess. It is one of many chess variants available on chess.com – there is Fog of War, Automate, Giveaway, 4 Player Chess, and many others.

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0:00 Intro
0:24 RULES

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  1. This game was definitely invented by a s++cide te++orist.

  2. me: loses a queen- mental breakdown
    meanwhile levy: loses a queen- "I am so sad"

  3. During the end of game 2, what would have happened if you had pushed the pawn in front of the queen blocking its sightline of the king. You could them capture it

  4. i though they planted a c4 behind the chessboard

  5. "Ok, I guess the Reti opening is the most popular opening now grandmasters"

  6. I like to imagine that the enemy kings are hugging each other in fear of all the explosions around them being genuinely afraid for their lives and being sorry that they created the bombs.

  7. ayoo, they made chess for my mujahideen brothers. God bless Allah.

  8. The Waffle House has found it’s new host

  9. The opening of atomic is so scary. Like there are a zillion mates from the first 3 or so moves even if the opponent does nothing.

  10. According to the Lichess database, Knight h3 is the strongest opening, with a 64% winrate and a sample size of 1.3 million Knight h3 atomic games.

  11. "I'm not talking about when you lose a game you lose a game you throw the pieces all around"


  12. I thought there would be actual explosion effects. Sadge

  13. in your last game you had another mate quuen b5 king f7 queen e8

  14. Remember, don’t trade pieces when you have more material.

  15. i think maj creek was GMhikaru messing with levi 💀

  16. 11:48 no your king CAN excape to D7 after the queen move somewhere higher.

    Oh you said that.

  17. 12:01 maybe I am wrong and my low elo brain is speaking but I would have delivered a check with the bishop cause I think that wins by force.

  18. On your game against Majestic Creek I’m pretty sure you could’ve played

  19. On your game against Majestic Creek I’m pretty sure you could’ve played a4

  20. The video and audio are delayed for me very weird to watch

  21. they should add Genghis Khan chess where all the pieces move like knights lol

  22. I think chess is a simply perfect game, but chess with new pieces is also simply perfect

  23. Okay, now you covered Atomic Chess, i'd love to see 5D Chess with Multiverse Time Travel

  24. I’m confused. At 8:54, couldn’t he have taken queen h5 and checkmate?

  25. my strategy is to suicide bomb the queen infront of the king

  26. This is my favorite version of chess cause its just dumb

  27. 12:00 if pawn takes, it will clear your way to white queen, i hope i am not only who saw that

  28. Wakanda forever but it can actually cause checkmate

  29. Chess, but every take is a Kamikaze Gambit accepted

  30. It’s fun just seeing the ridiculous mate-in-ones here

  31. 19:12 knight f4 would win the game, if they take, queen also explodes, if the don’t take than it is mate

  32. "1400 to 1500 players probably wont beat me" 1496 casually makes perfect moves

  33. When he said that the Kings can't take eachother or else they blow up I was thinking of a scene like
    White King: "OH hi there black, it's ur move btw"
    Black King: "Ur coming with me"

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