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  1. When Queen lands on C7 square, Rook A3 is #(ra3#/rook mate)

  2. Black played a wrong move Kd8 again he has to move back

  3. That's literally brilliant self pinning the rook so that queen can move and then again self pinning the queen so that rook can deliver checkmate

  4. I saw this puzzle on chesscape YouTube channel.

  5. Wait, the white Queen is pinned so how can it move and plus it’s already a check for white 🤔🤔

  6. In his 2nd move, the black king could move back to d8, instead of moving on to b8, couldn't he?

  7. Можно и быстрее….. 4 ход ладья А3

  8. after q to c7, king moves to a8, rook to a3 is mate

  9. I see mate in 8: 1.Rd3+ Kc8 2.Rc3+ Kb8 3.Qc7+ Ka8 4.Qa5+ K moves 5.Qb4+ K moves 6. Qa3+ K moves 7.Qb2+ K moves 8.Ra3#

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