Eric Rosen wins a chess game in two moves

IM Eric Rosen wins a chess games in the fewest amount of moves possible.

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  1. Dude I would be going NUTS if I did that… this guy treats it like he does it EVERY FLIPPIN DAYY

  2. the way you handle these situations.. beautiful. thanks for everything!


  4. Good grief… Even I know that was a really bad opening by white…

  5. Plot twist:the opponent actually just wanted a revanche to play black.

  6. My man allowed himself to get memed for our content

  7. that guy definitely did it for the content

  8. I never knew that this channel belonged to the real Eric Rosen

  9. I love how the opening is so bad that even if black doesn't play Qh4# black still has about an 80% chance to win the game.

  10. Smh my guy was supportive but in the worst kind of way.

  11. This guy did a study of that position on lichess, true commitment there.

  12. this is the classic first example of checkmate in the books about intermediate basic vision

  13. I look at the rating and I see what happened, created this account, won a few matches against high ELO people somehow, and then this happened, maybe accidentally or maybe in purpose

  14. This man literally lasted 3 seconds against you in a 10 minute game.
    He got to play the game for THREE SECONDS.

  15. 1900 rated player plays the worst opening possible

  16. He thought that losing by fools mate is better than losing by “Oh no my queen”

  17. This is called the Madonna Gambit, after the game Klip (2305)-Bottema (2205), round 7 Dutch Open 1990. Before this game Bottema was gifted tickets to a Madonna concert and this concert topped playing a chess game on his list of priorities for that day. However, as forfeit wins do not count for title norms, Bottema was afraid that not showing up would ruin any chance Klip might still have had for an IM norm. Bottema showed up, offered a draw after white's first move and when it was declined did the next best thing. Bottema made it to the Madonna concert, but Klip did not make an IM norm.

  18. No way, my Alexa actually cancelled a timer lmaoo

  19. I did this exact set up on someone in person and they were embarrassed

  20. there are two quick endings….this one and the bishop-queen combo.

  21. Litterally the fastest possible checkmate. It requires those exact moves and for you to be black

  22. And it is as of move 3, we have a completely new game.

  23. You broke his heart. Since then he never played chess again. He loved chess.

  24. I wish that I play 1600's with the same skill as this almost 1900, it would be a big challenge.

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