End Game: A Bharatanatyam Chess Game by Princeton Labs

A Bharatanatyam dance where 3 young dancers bring a chess game climax to life. The dance starts with the players playing the chess game and the pieces come alive …. the 2 main pieces (queen and Rook) come up with the checkmate approach to trap the white piece (King) and successfully execute their plan.

It is self choreography by the dancers Sahana Madabhushi, Deeya Patel and Neha Gorthi.

Music from IndianRaga Fellowship Production Thaka Janu Jam by Swaminath Jayaraman, Anirudh Sharma, KDB Madhavi and Mahesh Raghvan.
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  1. Really superb one grate and a very good timings in between all the musicians
    God bless all

  2. A new type of variation is nice and beautiful

  3. Innovative, power packed performance with well orchestrated classical fusion making it more aspirational retreat to the delighted audiance!

  4. Phenomenal performance! mesmerizing. music was bit fast but the dance is very good. Loved the theme

  5. Brilliant Choreography. New attempt looks so unique.

  6. absolutely amazing choreo! Can I have a question? What do you have on the ground? Sail/ substance? I need this for a project, want to buy it ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks

  7. This was a great piece that I enjoyed watching.. energy packed talents

  8. Beautiful. Costumes are on point, as is the appropriately exaggerated fighting sequence.

  9. superb dancing fabulacely good ๐Ÿ™‚ The lightings n costumes are adding to such cuteness. Keep dancing

  10. Molu.. Beautiful bharata natyam dance and you all danced very well..fantastic performance..my daughter would like to do the same…please if you can help us

  11. Performance excellent.Looking forward to more

  12. Very beautiful and difficult performance!

  13. Most delightful,mesmerizing performance. luv it,,,,,lot!!!!

  14. I watched it many many times. Simply mind blowing!

  15. bharatnatyam rocks! Hats off to everyone behind this performance

  16. innovative idea that keeps tradition engaging. lovely..keep dancing!!

  17. wow wat aweosam performence sooooo lovely to see my words r not enough to say…. am totally speechless to you guys performed in a fantabulous way…. really u r wonderful dancers… my heart felt in a such joyful way to see ur dance… how many tyms am watching also not getting bored….. lovely dance

  18. raise your hands if you are unable to stop even after watching it for more than 10 times…. !

  19. wow wow wow…. superb!!!!! And who were these experts who disliked this video?

  20. Hey Hey… This is Simply Superlative…

  21. Excellent performance, you took me somewhere else !

  22. Mind blowing… waiting for more superb performance like this.

  23. Excellent! !! This dance was very creative, immensely beautifully choreographed and was very best.

    We got to see pure Bharathnatiyam performance with difficult footwork and hand coordination.

    The girls did awesome job and it was just super perfect !

  24. This is so innovative ๐Ÿ˜
    Could never have imagined such an 'out of the box' choreography concept on our music piece. So impressed with the way you've used it.

  25. Loved the black costume and nice work with the background

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