Einstein’s Chess Game And Bangla Chess Tips

Einstein’s Chess Game And Bangla Chess Tips
1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 a6 4. Ba4 b5 5. Bb3 Nf6 6. O-O Nxe4 7. Re1 d5 8. a4 b4 9. d3 Nc5 10. Nxe5 Ne7 11. Qf3 f6 12. Qh5+ g6 13. Nxg6 hxg6 14. Qxh8 Nxb3 15. cxb3 Qd6 16. Bh6 Kd7 17. Bxf8 Bb7 18. Qg7 Re8 19. Nd2 c5 20. Rad1 a5 21. Nc4 dxc4 22. dxc4 Qxd1 23. Rxd1+ Kc8 24. Bxe7 1-0
Einstein was a famous German scientist. His theory of relativity is a famous invention. He loves to play chess. Einstein died in USA. Oppenheimar was a famous person. Chess is a play of brain. It forces a man to think. There are 64 squares in chess board. Two players play chess. One plays with white other plays with black. White has to start first. Mininister is most powerful piece in chess board. Chess was originated in India. Today world champion is Magnus Carlsen. Vishwanathan Anand is a famous Indian chess player. In Bangladesh chess becoming popular day by day. Garry Kasparov is a famous Russian chess player. Judith Polgar is a very strong woman chess player. Chess is good for our brain Many famous persons used to play chess. It is believed, chess is originated from ‘chaturanga’ (one kind of play) in India. In south India, many chess grandmother exist. Viswanath Anand was a world champion.

‘Imagination is more important than knowledge ‘ — Albert Einstein
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  1. ভাই, আইনস্টাইনের নামে মিথ্যা কথা বললেন

  2. Music er jonno tomar video dekte problem hoche. Tomar r kono video dekhbo na.

  3. Vai background music tar jnno apanr kotha valo koira buji nai…music ta off korle or kom koira dile valo hoito

  4. Boring Baler video banas tui.. Age presentation thik kor. Nije age onno chess YouTube channel follow kor… Idea ne.. vlo kicu hbe

  5. Albert Einstein is the Great.❤️❤️❤️

  6. Sala tara bap dakna gaya tha tiya Einstein ka game play

  7. This was not so much something brilliant by Einstein as a blunder by Oppenheimer, in misplaying the Ruy Lopez/Spanish opening and falling into a known trap. Grabbing the e pawn was a mistake. This has no doubt been done many times in high school chess tournaments and skittles games (I think this statement is probably even a confession, but don't remember for sure).

    Oppenheimer was brilliant at building atom bombs, and Einstein was brilliant at explaining why they released so much energy. At chess, not so much, but is interesting that they played.

  8. আইনস্টাইনের নামে মিথ্যাচার ? ছিঃ ।

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