Don’t mess with the Rosen Wall

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In this video, I play against the “Shanzi Wall Opening” and try to build a wall of my own. The end of the game features one of the most beautiful finishes to a chess game I’ve had in recent memory.
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  1. How have some people not seen gladiator that is weird

  2. Never watched Gladiator? You need to get out more

  3. All in all you're literally another brick in the wall

  4. Yeah nothing personal kid. Teleports behind you

  5. You can watch the Gladiator on Netflix if you don't find a Blu-ray player!

  6. After the Rosen wall it will be soo nice to have the Rosen gambit !

  7. 1 dislike from magnus because he is jealous

  8. Whats the schanzi wall, cant find anything on it

  9. La Bourdonnais approves.😁💪

  10. I feel bad for the guy. He had a good advantage in the opening but just didn't calculate well enough

  11. He made his study private after I looked up “Shanzi wall chess”lmfaoo

  12. Definitely one of the craziest endings I’ve ever seen

  13. "That wasn't even a wall. That was like a ceiling, but a really high ceiling. Like a loft" – Eric Rosen 9:36

    Our modern day Shakespeare on the chess board

  14. That thumbnail definitely tells me not to mess with the Rosen Wall

  15. Eric Rosen is low-key the funniest chess streamer foreal

  16. 1. E4 B5 is fundamentally the best chess opening named the banana bread, once played this defence you must message your opponent “banana bread” to confuse them. I feel like you’d like this tactically rich opening Eric

    Kind regards Evan

  17. Where can i learn the shanzi wall opening? Im begginer and this opening just looks beautiful!

  18. I love ur vids mahn but the thumbnails are a bit creepy.

  19. That Blu-ray looks like a Region B copy, which is only playable on UK blu-ray players…fortunately (as others have pointed out), Gladiator is also streaming on Netflix currently!

  20. This was so impressive. So fun to watch you play eric!

  21. Oh no my queen.
    Oh yes new queen.
    Oh no my queen.
    Oh yes new queen.

  22. What a crazy win…. Btw The Gladiator movie is arguably the best movie ever made💯 The soundtrack itself won Oscars

  23. As a b3 player I cringed so bad when I saw e4 and b3

  24. "now I just need to find a blue-ray player" lol

  25. Gladiator is on Netflix too if you don't find that blu-ray player

  26. That was beautiful,also looked more like a chess 960 game to me after like 10 moves

  27. Day 8 of translating Eric's titles to Groot: "I am Groot"

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