Don’t mess with the Rosen Wall

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In this video, I play against the “Shanzi Wall Opening” and try to build a wall of my own. The end of the game features one of the most beautiful finishes to a chess game I’ve had in recent memory.
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  1. I have never seen a player have four queens in a game at this level of play. This was fun to watch.

  2. That queen got reincarnated many times! I suggested an opening wall a few weeks ago, so glad someone did it.

  3. The Jack Grealish of the Chess world, creative brilliance.

  4. A late game King Henry the 8th, an extremely rare variation.

  5. The purest form of chess is Crazyhouse960 where promoted pawns remain the piece they were captured as.

  6. How do you even get 3 pawns on the 7th rank lmao

  7. Who even has a blue-ray player anymore? I just stream everything.

  8. Amazing end Game something for history books.

  9. The gladiator is good, think you will enjoy it 🙂

  10. Today I learned the Rosen wall has a very high ceiling

  11. Crazy game, great fun, well played. Ironic though that Eric who often omits "the" (let's take with knight) decides on this occasion to introduce an extraneous"the" to change the movie title from "Gladiator" to "The Gladiator".

  12. Eric lost his rook and was like "ok now time to play serious."

  13. Rosen looking like a young Tarantino in the thumbnail

  14. Petition for Eric Rosen to be the one who names every chess opening.

  15. duy the Play Station Three it doubles for a blue ray plauer

  16. Whats the schanzi wall, cant find anything on it

  17. Eric where do you know about the Shanzi wall opening from? All the information online is so enigmatic! It's very silly but I was curious where it originated

  18. I thought it was interesting to learn about this shanzi wall after so long. I looked it up and all I found on it was a deleted lichess study. Makes me wonder if it is some obscure idea outlined in a chess book none of us have read.

  19. 2021 – Need to find a blu-ray player

  20. Those pawns on the seventh rank remind me of a very famous position from a game McDonnell vs. LaBourdonnais 1834 (game 16)

  21. We cant find any info about Shanzi Wall Opening!Any suggestion ?

  22. Those 3 “check”s were the most emotive words I’ve ever heard him say

  23. Does anybody have any info on some actual theory on the shanzi wall?
    Obviously it’s not a great opening, but it looks fun and I’d like to atleast be able to play it against a couple of friends

  24. I just watched The Gladiator recently. Very good classic movie that I should have seen earlier

  25. im sure the cool guys in school messed around with eric the little flower 😀 and know he feels so cool on the chessboard and says "dont mess with" all the time 😀

  26. The opponent give a tough fight but thats eric knight fork just go in favour of white

  27. Imma be honest here. I prefer Eric Rosen over Levy Rozman (GothamChess) because I really just want to see gameplay no game analysis. 👍

  28. Wait what… seriously that was a wall? Oh my god

  29. Wanna jet back to mine and pop in a blue ray?

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