Don’t mess with my CAMEL

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  1. is there any chess variant that is unaffected by rosen traps

  2. At this point , smothered mate in any variant of chess should be renamed the "Rosen mate " just as the "Rosen trap" . 🙂

  3. could 150 mantises take on a camel if they attacked at night?

  4. I didn't see the length of the video, what a surprise lol!

  5. There should be a lion which can cross-breed with the camel to make an all-powerful c(h)amelion.

  6. I'm done sitting tight for the award advance since i acquire$23,000 every 12 days of my investment, in all you do put God first.❤

  7. You could try Tamerlane chess! It has camels AND giraffes.

  8. Age old tactic. Train your camel to seek your enemy and in the dead of night flop on them and smother them.

  9. What does mojang and eric have in common?

  10. That camel is spooky. It had my heart stop beating for a while. 🐫👻

  11. Anna Cramling Camel Smothered Mate, next??

  12. "Mr king, you should not leave the house, a camel is just outside"

    "but thats what i fear most

  13. At this point, why not add a piece named a dragon?

  14. I feel like the pieces should be more original. For example, a knight that also moves like a bishop, should not look like a knight, but should be an original animal, like a hawk.

  15. In India and some of it's neighboring countriess Bishop is actually camel in chess

  16. Looks weird because in normal chess you get two pieces per file (well, pawn and a piece), and you get 8 squares per file. But in you increase the board in both directions, you still have 2 pieces, but the squares increased, it just results in less positional play, like what we see in 4 player chess.

  17. Haha! I was a little confused because in the traditional Indian chess nomenclature, the bishop is a Camel, the rook is an Elephant, knight is a Horse, and the queen is called Wazir (Prime Minister). That was interesting! 😊 🐫🏜️

  18. Someone tried this against me but my camel was defending 😂

  19. In XXL chess i usually get my amazon out early and hope the enemy doesn't notice theres a checkmate in 1

  20. I found a faster mate. 1. j3 e12 2. g3 BNl6 3. QNhi3 BNxi3#
    Might still not be THE fastest but it's faster.

  21. To be honest, I thought camels were a really bad piece, for that lack of control of squares and difficult positioning/manuever.

    But I have learned to value them. They are actually quite OP on some charactheristics. They have a unique moviment (3,1), which means he can attack any piece without being attacked by it. The only piece that can do such a thing with the Amazon.
    Also, it has a good smothered potential. If the king stays in the center, surrounded by pawns and horse-kings, it seems impossible to penetrate, but camels can smother over the pawns. I have never actually used this tactic, but I see its potential. (Now I watched the video). Also, sidenote, It can smother the king, but also fork 2 high-value pieces from far away (I was on the receiving end of it)

    Also, it may be better than a knight in some scenarios simply because it reaches quicker. In a long board, this is valuable(for protecting promotin squares). It is much more difficult to maneuver and it csn only go in one color. But it is an interesting piece.

    I made an analogy that the Camel in XXL Chess is like the Knight for Standard Chess.
    (Also, knight loses its value because there are many pieces that have the same movement, while in standard chess his move was unique and the only piece that could attack the queen, most powerful piece, without being attacked)

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