Don’t mess with my CAMEL

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  1. Shoutout to all the camels in the comments

  2. I personally prefer XXL chess over duck chess 😅

  3. I am familiar with similar position in normal chess so I saw that coming from like move one 🙂

  4. Waiting for your signature "oh no my camel"

  5. Hey Eric, are you still in St. Louis, Missouri? I am coming there for my graduation. Wanna do a round robin with my dad?

  6. My guy mated in 4 moves with the help of 1 piece.

  7. That's a giraffe, but camel is better. 🙂

  8. Smothered camel mate is my new favorite expression

  9. Nice. Also more duck chess would be great, thanks.

  10. Why is this game so funny? In stiches every time. I can't take it seriously

  11. I didn't check the time stamp so I was genuinely surprised lol

  12. I just like to imagine an entire army standing still while a lone camel goes and defeats the enemy king

  13. It's like the knight, just some how it's even trickier

  14. this feels cursed, as if an AI who doesn't understand chess generated an eric rosen video

  15. Minecraft adds camels and now this? I declare 2022 year of the camel

  16. I am from Saudi Arabia life has just been started with this chess this is hot!

  17. for some reason a board that size makes me feel really uncomfortable

  18. Fastest mate is mate in 3 (albeit more similar to a 2-move fool's mate):
    I'll call the queen knight QN etc:
    a. White can win by getting QN to j13 (eg via h3, j5, j13) after black has moved his KN away twice (eg via j12, k10).

    b. Black can win in 3 by getting the QN to i) g3 (after white has played f3, h3, KNe3) or ii) i3 (after white has played h3, j3 QNf3).

    c. Black can also win in a more classic fools mate style with:
    1. g3 h12 2. QNf3 QNm8 3. QN(anywhere except g1, g2 or f15) QNxf1#
    (Technically this can be reached with black playing QNh12, QNh3, QNxf1#)

    d) In a similar style another checkmate can occur on i1:
    1. QNf3 QNh12 2. Kg1 QNn6 3. j3 QNxi1#
    (Which can also be done via QNf12, and can even use the diagonal through the h2 square if h3/h4 are played).

    e) White can also bongcloud into a check mate:
    1. g4 QNh12 2. Kg2 Kg16 (or almost any other move) 3. KNh1 QNh4#
    (Can be mated with QNf4# too, or if 1. i4 … 2. Ki2 … 3. QNh1, mate can occur on h4 and j4.

    I may be missing some mate in 3's.

  19. deafening silence


    Eric: smothered camel mate 🐫

  20. If you mess with the camel, you get the hump.

  21. I used to be able to place chess now I am so confused.

  22. Shouldn’t the camel be 3 and 2? Wouldn’t that be more interesting?

  23. I would love to watch a series of videos of you trying different chess variants with each one preceded by you explaining the changes vs chess and the new pieces and afterwards maybe your opinion/take on the variant. Love your vids, honestly your content is the reason why I got into chess again after 20 years away from it
    Edit: ps I like Gotham too but you better, you led me to him in the first place

  24. In indian chess, there is already a camel piece. Its just the bishop. Most pieces are named differently in india e.g. the rook being an elephant

  25. Try just simply swapping king and queen position for black.

  26. There’s actually a faster checkmate than the 4 move Camel Mate!
    You can bring up your amazon (queen knight) and slide it over two squares to attack a weak pawn. If the opponent moves his knight king tice then you can take the pawn and checkmate

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