Do you know the Rule of Square in Chess? #shorts

This is called the Rule of Square in Chess! 😎

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. He could have drawn the game. Why'd he resign

  2. Honestly never knew that, thats going to help me finally get out of the 600s!

  3. Both promote on same move so why to resign?

  4. I watched that video 5 mins agoo😮

  5. Thank you! This was the best explanation I could find and everything is said so clearly!

  6. So theres a rule of square….in a 8×8 square game

  7. That report button looking really good right now

  8. Chutiye naha to liya kar kabhi.. Muh utha ke aa jata hai

  9. Meanwhile Samay : deykhaa, VD ?! Yaad aayaa kyaa kahaa thaa meyney ?! Ab bataa, bhaai ! 😃
    VD be like : arey, yeh.. ? kyaa, Sagar bhaai ? Aap bhi ! 😄
    Samay : tujhey bharosaa hi nahi naa meyrey pey.. 😄
    VD : sorry, Samay bhaai.. 😄

  10. Who else is laughing at his accent? 😂

  11. Vidit resigned that okay but it's a draw

  12. Being a 2700 myself, this is very helpful

  13. I have new one, king and rook making L shape of 4 square cannot be forked 😊
    Edit- cannot be forked with knight

  14. I don't know how to play chess ♟️ can you suggest a video

  15. Pragg os playing white side. ….
    And vidit was playing black side…..
    He didn't mention it but u can see from the pictures ……

  16. Future generation one step decide win or loss😅

  17. Sagr bhai hindi me b btaya kro english itni achi ni h

  18. White win easily why vidit resigns & draw for sure

  19. Correct question was how did vidit know he was going to lose

  20. If the black king targets the white g4 pawn…. Then the white e3 pawn can't move so easily as the king is there…. Also, black has the pawn himself! Why will it be a loss, I'm confused?

  21. me who don't know pawn is ' sipahi' 🤣i use sipahi , ghoda ,mantri ,raja , uut and hatthi MY RATING – 1376

  22. Why didn't he enter left to the white square?

  23. Why can't you just go straight, like in this position straight left

  24. Him: rule of square.
    My Mind: inverse square law

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