We present you the newest variation of chess! Chess vs Ancient Chess (Chaturanga) Who do you think will win in the Chess Memes Video?
The Ancient Chaturanga pieces or the normal chess pieces?
This memes video is fun and good at the same time!

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  1. Why did you replace the chariots with rooks? I know they're the same functionally but still

  2. it's shatrang not chaturanga, chaturanga is a 4 player chess

  3. It’s unfortunate that all the old prices are weaker

  4. What can anceint chess do?
    (Sorry I don’t understand what anceint do 💀💀💀)

  5. first is forky forky second is fork dork clork smork and now fork stork mork clork? and when check is first is check and cheky cheky check check and now check chock flork mork? wth I SWEAR THIS IS THE THIRD EDIT OF THIS COMMENT WHY IS THERE FOUR DIFFERENT FORK and the four of the forky champion is fork clork smork clonk

  6. I am so confused why are the kings on the wrong side?

  7. These sexual jokes are so cringe. No wonder your channel is dead

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