Chess Update Log

Chess has had many versions of the years. Here’s how it has changed over time. Also, why is it not on steam yet?


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  1. This guy hasn't uploaded since 2020. I miss him

  2. I wonder what life would be like if Ilyx uploaded…

  3. Actually there's a new chess 2 But it's the most complicated gave you ever seen yet Like you can put pieces back in time And those create new timelines And you can put pieces in those timelines

  4. I dunno man that Bobby Fischer guy sounds based to me

  5. Aye man you ever gonna post again? I’m actually missing your content rn

  6. Btw how’s college going? Last time I’ve heard from you, you said you were doing college how’s it going?

  7. Imagine professional chess with kill streaks like 'Tactical Insertion' that lets you respawn a piece in whatever position

  8. don't forget the wide world of mods aka chess varients

  9. 𝘛𝘩𝘦 𝘚𝘮𝘪𝘭𝘦 𝘎𝘶𝘺 says:

    This channel is a time capsule

  10. Where are you llyx it’s been two years 😢

  11. Chess with guns exists, it’s called chess FPS and is on steam 👍 sadly not canon because it’s fannade

  12. i appreciate the wingless seraph snes music, chess is about as retro as it gets

  13. I think the next update has got to be the firearms and ballistic missile update

  14. Bro made a masterpiece and fucking disappear

  15. Hey I know im 2 years late and that nobody cares. But you forgot the promotion update in the 1700 hundreds. The devs changed it so a pawn can become any piece instead of only the piece that belonged on the file in the beggining

  16. There won't be a new chess updtae. It's clear that the devs have handed the game to the community, which is seen in the huge amount of mods

  17. There was a guy in the india server talking about chess 2

  18. pawn nerf especially pushing past a pawn instead of exchanging

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