Chess Openings Tier List – What’s Hot and What’s Not

Chess Openings Tier List – What’s Hot and What’s Not

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  1. Why is French trash…. And why tf is Reti only ok?…… AND WHY IS DUTCH BAD?!

  2. 1:20 bhai kitni baar toh haaro ho mere close sicilian ke against 😭

  3. Super funny and entertaining video!! I don't agree with many evaluations but so wouldnt many, so good idea doing it solo 🙂

  4. Right se left kyun jaa rhe the ?
    URDU tier list?😂

  5. nice video 🙂 Stream pe bhi kiya karo tier list : ///

  6. Great video as always, kafi openings pata chali isse. Can you do one where you only consider first 3 moves as one opening? That way, there's only one Sicilian etc?

  7. Reti is legendary for me as long as I don't face 2 d4 and end up playing double fianchetto

  8. Bonccloud is not a legendary opening. This made this video as a trash video!! 😅👍🏻

  9. bro your sarcasm delivery is amazing in this video😂

  10. Putting French defense in trash… Dude are you serious 😒

  11. Grand prix is like close sicilian

  12. man, GM Hambleton is a much stronger player than u think , he would crush u

  13. It is fine if most Gms will be pissed at u for not placing catalan but Parnali will come all the way at ur house to beat u,rachit here

  14. Exchange French should be in landfill not trash, rachit here

  15. Bless youtube's algorithm! I came accross your channel a few days ago and am literally amazed by the potential you contain. #AmazinglyIndian!

    Just one thing, why would you put Tarrasch in trash!?

  16. Very nice presentation…it will definitely help players to select openings as per their needs & likes !!

  17. How dare you place fried liver in despo tricks? It singlehandedly carried me form 800 to 1100xD

  18. If danill Dubov played catalan then that would be legendary for sure 90 percent player will not play catalan very safely but magnus and Dubov shows how Catalan Means Sacrifies your C4 pawn and playe for activity

  19. Trompowsky should be placed at trash becoz 1)It is sasta Torre attack and advanced london it has nothing original.

  20. Closed sicilian: trash
    me who played it in the first round of a tournament not knowing its trash: lost

  21. fakely
    funny and very very weird evals.

  22. Dude if you put the french in the trash I mean damn what great then🤣🤣

  23. Why does everyone trash the French? It’s the most hated opening that is actually good

  24. Najdorf is legendary bro, it’s like using that player build that’s above average in every way.

  25. This is bad caro kann exchange is good and should be in "Oh Yeaah" section

  26. Bro just let me play the Grand Prix in peace 😂😂😂

  27. This man put the french defense in trash

    An opening which is good from beginner to grandmaster to engine level

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