Chess on a Donut Board

In this video, I played on a donut-shaped board, which was pretty weird but cool to be honest.



  1. You did you make to pawns can double jump in the first move (I was trying to do this but it wasn't going right)


  3. fun fact those pawns are berolinas
    edit: i mean stone generals since they both move and capture diagonally

  4. Okay but why is the black queen's voice so sassy? ๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. I think i heard a song that was popular bc of 3dash….

  6. search for nikos lygeros SER.. it has a great idea with blue squares

  7. that's even not a torus chess, it's square with a hole

  8. Okay but why not diagonal pawn take diagonally and now horisontally?

  9. Nobody noticed this: Did just the subscribe button became rainbow after black king said "Sub for more"?

  10. 3:27 White could've played pawn promote queen and get the amazon

  11. what was that music around 3:17? it sounds like a memorable game I played 7 years ago on a phone. It was this boss sorta thing

  12. Castling is a bad idea in this variation
    2:15 the archbishop took the chancellor so the rook can take the free bishop
    2:33 triple battery

  13. Did anyone notice when at 3:41, the Subscribe button has a Rainbow Outline when he said Subscribe

  14. Dude the zooming in is so unnecessary and diorienting

  15. โ†”๏ธ = A-J
    โ†•๏ธ = 1-10
    Not go: D-G 4-7

  16. Diagonal Pawn Moves 1 Space Diagonally And Captures Forward Diagonally And Diagonal Pawn Is Called A Solider

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