Chess in Medieval Europe | Chess History

In this video, I discuss three things:

1. The origins of chess, and how it spread into medieval Europe.
2. The debate among religious authorities about who can/should play the game.
3. Three case studies of medieval historical figures known for playing chess.


  1. It’s interesting, to become good at chess requires one to study its history and evolution via openings and middle / endgame theory. Every decent chess player is 1/3 historian by default 😊

  2. of all the things youd have to deal with in the middle ages, starvation, disease, war, etc, these guys are debating whether or not they should play a game?

  3. first!!!! i think your mtg and history videos are great nizzahon!!

  4. Great episode! I love when channels go into more niche topics like this.

  5. Really enjoyed this one. I prefer Go, but learning about the history of anything that stretches throughout a significant part of human history is always interesting.

  6. I think Macalda just earned a spot as an NPC in my next D&D game! Thanks for the interesting video!

  7. broke: modern gaming drama
    woke: medieval chess drama

  8. kind of funny that the debate over games has never really ended, and lootboxes have brought us back to talking about harmful randomness/purjury and fraud. great video!

  9. I had read that check came from Persians calling "shah" when the opponent's king was in danger, which is what they called the king, and checkmate comes from shahmat, which means "the king is frozen."

  10. Thanks for this video. Chess is an incredible sport, and wildly misunderstood from where it came from to where it is now as a game.

  11. Damn Medival Cancel Culture sounds pretty rough, no chess playing??

  12. great vid im a really big fan of chess so this was really cool.

  13. Having only watched for 45 seconds, I like this way better than you mtg content, which I enjoy..

  14. Having grown up in a Catholic house, I just noticed..

    Patron Saint of (We approve of this)

  15. I subbed! I love short concise videos about niche subjects so I'll try to catch everything you release.

  16. Can’t wait to see another one – this is becoming something I look forward to each Thursday! Thanks 😊

  17. I do like that the luck vs skill argument was still happening back then.

  18. 10:04 So, because it’s a miracle, does that imply that God helped her win that chess game?
    Because if so that sounds remarkably like a Yu-Gi-Oh plotline, lmao

  19. I'm liking your history channel, learning a lot of new things so far. Seeing your background on Mafalda made me wonder about women who broke with the patriachal norms of medieval society. I hope to see more of these women mentioned in your videos.

  20. This is so cool!! Thank you for this. Chess is my favorite board game

  21. I love your MTG content and I love chess too!

    Beth Harmon plays the Sicilian Defense, which is probably a reference to Bobby Fischer, as she is kind of a female version of him, although the fact that the Sicilian might reference Macalda is a pretty nice coincidence

  22. If chess isnt addicting then why hasnt magus carlsen stopped playing? Checkmate

  23. Mentioning Beibars – you should make a video about the use of ancient propaganda. Like how Beibars used his victory over a minor mongol force in Ein Jalud to enhance his image to the point of being viewed as a miracle general.

  24. Lols, i am sure the bishop of florence would be happy to know that a major opening, Ruy Lopez, is named after a Spanish priest.

  25. Chess is vastly inferior to Magic the Gathering.

  26. I'm pretty sure Beth Harmon didn't exist in 1191 (:

  27. Board games and their history are super fascinating. Irving Finkel’s work on the Royal Game of Ur comes to mind, great stuff.

  28. Lol at 15:10 it looks like the Muslim checkmated the jew. Sorry, nizzahon.

  29. Chinese chess still has elephants and canons.. elephants move as the old bishopsif I'm correct, exactly 2 squares in diagonnal.

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