Chess History: Chaturanga Ajedrez Echecs Xadrez

Brief history of Chess from its origins in INDIA
From a lecture given at “Centro de Yoga Sivananda” in Puerto Rico (July 4, 2008)
The modern game of Chess (Ajedrez) is entirely different from the game “Chaturanga”. Since this Yoga center has members expert in Chess it was decided in 2008 to produce this video to serve as an auxiliary as an extra propaganda to Yoga and hinduism.


  1. @5tonyvvvv See the link that I placed at the end of the video
    And Start playing chess in the Internet or go to a chess club! Good luck and enjoy the game.

  2. Please translate to english. THis is very interesting. Chess was invented in India. Many Muslims think it was by the Muslims. Chaturanga was a person. Good evidence using the mahabharata and gita holy books.

  3. @sukkha911 Cant you see my notes? Go to the YouTube site to obtain all the help. Thanks for your notes.

  4. @YTM021807 Yes now I see the small notes thanks.

  5. The game snakes and ladders also originated from India. Ladders represent good deeds and elevation of the soul while the snakes represent evil deeds, vices or rebirth. It was called Mokshpat. The invention of the game came from the 13th century saint, Gyandev. The serpent also represents kundalini force. In In Moksha-Patamu another version of the game , there squares of virtue and disobedience.

  6. @5tonyvvvv The modern form came from the second half of the 15th century in Europe. Chaturanga was a completely different game, but it is regarded by scholars as the origin of chess. The current world champion V. Anand is from India.

  7. I have updated the "Description" above to further clarify matters! Thank you for your questions!

  8. @5tonyvvvv I dont think so because dice have never been seen around chess games and illustrations etc. The game of Backgammon has used dice all the time….. but not chess!

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