Chess Grandmaster Thinks He Can Beat Me At Duck Chess

In this video I play an entertaining 4-game Duck Chess match against the amazing Grandmaster@JonLudvigHammerChess. The last game was the most insane. Be sure to follow GM Hammer on Twitch and YouTube!

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  1. Eric have you played the Seirawan chess variant? That could be some awesome content (though you'd probably need another streamer at your level to play with since it's not quite as popular as Duck Chess yet). It's basically normal chess but you can develop a hawk (bishop+knight) or elephant (rook+knight) to any square on the back rank on the first turn you move that piece. Way fun stuff.

  2. yuk. duck = defense then shouldn't it be in rules that last ending was a stalemate? I know the rules says its not/ I'm callin' it a stalemate lol good games

  3. when he says it is a mistake to think the knight is worth more than the bishop?

  4. This is so entertaining, and the GM is really a great personality

  5. For anyone looking for a place to play Duck Chess, I made a Discord. Can't post the link here I think due to spam filters but I posted it in the duckchess subreddit.

    Really enjoying your Duck Chess videos! You got me into the variant, and now I've completed my journey to 2000. Such an amazing variant; I don't really play regular chess now (all Duck Chess and Go). You're way stronger than I am, even more so than the rating difference reflects I think 😀

  6. Honestly the most amazing and exciting chess content I've seen.
    That last game was Legendary and the build up to it from the previous games made it even better.

  7. While you were partying, I studied the duck

  8. A layman would think Eric misspoke when he called the duck a bishop, but I was there when he was ordained

  9. 2005 GM and 2186 IM why is that?? Is it the Duck chess rank or am I missing something??

  10. it would be so cool to see a rematch after Hammer learns that knights are better than bishops in duck chess because they are less blocked

  11. Actually at 38:38 you go king b3 duck b1 to win, instead of pushing the pawn like Rosen said

  12. I just want to hang a lamp on “Things are getting Quacktical” because that made my day

  13. That final game was probably my most favorite chess game I’ve ever seen. Please do more of this content Eric, you’re an absolute beast. It’s so beautiful to see just how much of a juggernaut you are at this.

  14. Appreciate the inclusion of Hammer's perspective. Really fun and good material.

  15. DM – Duckmaster Eric > GM Grandmaster Hammer

  16. Was it just me, or did I hear Eric say "things are getting quack-tical" ?

  17. I swear I heard Hammer… Incoming MC Jokes…
    Hammer don't hurt 'em! Too legit to quit, because you can't touch this! Certainly cannot touch the duck.

  18. I love this mode. I suck at it, but you make it seem really logical. You're amazing Eric! Keep the duck chess videos coming please! #1 at duck chess and #1 in my ❤️

  19. 2:24 doesn't black win a queen here? Via Nb2 Dc2+, for instance. Black queen checks the white king and black knight attacks the black queen

  20. I love duck chess! It would please me greatly if you continued making duck chess!

  21. Seeing Eric casually call out duck moves like "We might see Duck E3 next" is so fucking funny for no reason

  22. this guy seems special needs loool " oh hes wants to play 3 2 time controls he wants to play fast i can play fast" lool sounds like that one wierd kid in sohool with his own worker following him around

  23. lol kp endgames are hilarious. kinda hard to lose the opposition when you get to take away a square every time

  24. Love the heavy theoretical discussion on piece value between two people who can’t hear each other

  25. How is that last endgame a win? The duck will blockade your pawn forever, and stalemating actually counts as a win for the other guy!

  26. The truth is… the knight IS better. In duck chess.

  27. Brilliant Eric, wonder why Hammer values bishops over knights, in Duck chess, the knight is so powerful.

  28. Eric seems quacktically very strong at this.

  29. Think it's safe to say Eric is the world's best duck chess player. Incredible to see an IM destroy a GM because they put so much time into the mode. Eric you demonstrated pure destruction at this mode. Not only are you better but faster too. Incredible

  30. Who wants to see Eric abolish hikaru at duck chess? We all know Eric would crush. Lol

  31. Great video format, great chess variant, great players, great games. The end game king+pawn duck theory was superb. Eric, you are truly deserving of the title Duck Master

  32. We need new titles for duck chess. Eric deserves to be the first Chess GrandQuackster


    Eric: “it’s important not to second guess myself.”

  34. “We have a situation I know; I’ve studied duck Theory before.”
    This is a wild statement… Chess masters are truly a different breed. 😅

  35. I have never enjoyed any other chess variant as I am enjoying watching Eric playing Duck chess. keep up the great work

  36. I just realized today that I know nothing about duck chess. Crazy to see how much Eric progressed.

  37. 24:06 Could you play Ra7 Db7 as check? Not that I think that is a great move, just wondering how the duck works in that case.

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