Chess Grandmaster Thinks He Can Beat Me At Duck Chess

In this video I play an entertaining 4-game Duck Chess match against the amazing Grandmaster@JonLudvigHammerChess. The last game was the most insane. Be sure to follow GM Hammer on Twitch and YouTube!

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  1. Yo, I'm so glad that Eric was my first opponent of the day! He defeated me though hahahah

  2. "I will go back to practicing, and i will become faster" is like an anime quote

  3. Man, I like how a simple duck on the board makes GMs feel like they're really bad

  4. Eric talks so smooth and calm even if he only have a minute or two. I have a mental break down under 5 min.

  5. "He thinks knights are worth more then bishops I will crush he incorrect feelings"
    Oh no


    Ути какие они грозные эти жуки навозные!

  7. At 6:55 GM Hammer deserves a special accolade for lining everything up neatly on the 6th rank

  8. Ever since Duck chess has been invented, Eric Rosen took it SERIOUSLY xD

  9. 4:36 Eric: uuh, fancy
    Hammer: why did I do that

    Sounds like when I make a terrible sacrifice but my opponent respects it and doesn't take my hanging piece

  10. “He’s moving the f-ing duck as far as possible!”


  11. i'm so confused. the duck is just moving between the same two squares

  12. 2:24 black missed Nxb2θd2 queen discovery check winning Eric's queen

  13. I had to watch the end at .5 speed. So intense!

  14. It's strange that he thinks the knight is worth less than the bishop in duck chess. Knights seem significantly better than bishops because they can't be easily blunted by the duck, am I missing something?

  15. The concept of Duck Chess is super interesting for someone that's not seen this variant before. The duck acts as a blocking piece so that others can't move into or through it.

    This results in some funky stuff, like denying bishops/queens/rooks their line of sight, which can make it really hard to mate someone or promote from a distance, cus you can just plant the duck in the way while you go about your usual strategy.

  16. I love how calm and composed eric is compared to the GM

  17. LOL not even "duckpassant" lmao I like that one!

  18. "Duckpassant" is the funniest word I've heard all week.

  19. love when eric figured out hammer was going by plain chess piece valuing, and started exploiting it

  20. Duck chess is one of the best varietiants I’ve ever seen

  21. bruh you blocked en passent. im disappointed in you

  22. White gets to make their first move without a duck in the way, but black has to deal with a duck from the get go. The first move advantage is even stronger in the current rule set.

    White either shouldn’t get to place a duck on the first move, or the game should start with black placing the duck on the board

  23. That "I'm trying to make things more quacktical" at 11:00 caught me off guard.

  24. The duck in the thumbnail looks like the final boss in a game

  25. A chess content creator Vs. a content creator that plays Chess

  26. Have you ever played "really bad chess?" It's where both sides have random pieces.

  27. the grandmaster look like he is always angry

  28. Funny that they don’t agree on values of pieces

  29. I had never heard of duck chess before this but I looked up the rules and it sounds super fun. One thing I don't understand though is 'there are no checks or checkmates, you must capture the king to win' but surely a checkmate is a guaranteed capture, thus if moving the duck stops the mate then it was never a mate. Also what are checks if not a threat to the king, and regardless of whether moving the duck affects this or not it is still a threat to the king no? Why is it no longer being called a check?

  30. Eric, on move 24 of a game of duck chess

    " Yeah this is getting confusing now "

  31. It's been kinda surprising as an 800ish player watching a GM not-realize that knights gain value since the duck can only block one square from them… Kinda dispiriting, actually, like am I just aspiring to memorize Pi to a certain number of digits?

  32. Eric: ooo, duckchess
    god I fuckin love both cams at once

  33. Eric is a DGM. You'd be a fool to play him in duck chess.

  34. what's behind the heart rate in the corner? does someone know?

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