Chess finally gets a modern update

We waiting so long for this…

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This video was edited by @Jonathan Schrantz

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  1. wtf? i remember playing this game years and years ago. it was probably over a decade ago!

  2. "I forgot King could move diagonally"
    -IM Eric Rosen

  3. Where is the link to the game? Such a thing should be in the description the next time, as a service for the viewer.

  4. isnt this from js13k? i remember playing this like 5 years ago xD

  5. eric forgor king movement 💀

  6. Lmao the Mario reference "Your Queen is in another castle"

  7. Only 1000 years since the last update, you guys are so impatient.

  8. " I forgot kings could move diagonally "
    – the guy who said " I forgot pawns could take diagonally "

  9. The best way to stop your opponents from castling

  10. Your queen is in another castle they took that line from Mario game 😂😂
    I wish I was rich so i donate to Lichess 😂😂

  11. The build up toward the climax of the King getting into the castle was so well done lmao

  12. What are these? They don’t have spikes in chess.

  13. Black King entered into White's Castle.

    Inside it will be surrounded by White Rooks

    ⚪ ⚫. ⚪

  14. The way Eric Rosen played this makes me thinking he's also a master at playing Flash games

  15. I cannot believe Chess 2 got out before Half Live 3 and the Detox album

  16. Game: "Your queen is in another castle"
    Eric: "Oh no my queen!"

  17. Fianlly they removed the queen from the game. Too OP.

  18. YOU WIN !
    Alas your Queen is in another castle. 😂😂

  19. I want one of these where you're a knight.

  20. this spike idea could be an interesting variant for chess, like a spike that you can put wherever you want but only one per player and it can be destroyed once someone steps on it (be it from black or white). Don't know how unbalanced this could be but the idea is there so yea, if anyone can it could be really neat. Also we could make Eric play it.

  21. "jokes on you, i deliberitly sacced my Queen to another castle"

  22. Makes sense that it doesn't have a queen, since you can't move past and neither capture it.
    Edit: Never mind, there may be a piece blocking it.

  23. Eric, are you okay down there? I heard it's flooding in Sochi now

  24. There was a game for Sega Genesis called Fight or Lose, it was just a bunch of pawns moving forward at the same time and you had to capture all of them with a knight before they marched off the board. The different levels were just different arrangements of pawns. It got old very quickly.

  25. It only took about a thousand years…

  26. So this is the “Oh no my King” game.

    They should develop another version for Eric! Oh no my queen!

  27. Already a Chess 2 and still waiting for Half Life 3

  28. Everytime you try to castle in classical online chess, you should be forced to beat this minigame to complete the move

  29. How did he miss the opportunity to say “oh no my queen” right at the end??

  30. The ending is a reference to mario
    But who is the bowser?

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