Chess finally gets a modern update

We waiting so long for this…

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  1. One of the best things I've ever watched

  2. Imagine being an international master and forgetting kings can move diagonally

  3. “Your queen is in another castle”
    Me: Noooo!!!! Queen I’m coming ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  4. When I played this game, it also took me like 5 runs to remember Kings could move diagonally

  5. I love the Mario-esque ending to this video.

  6. This could get really sick if you could directionally release pieces like press diagonal right and unleash a bishop that kills until it gets killed.

  7. this game is an easter egg in lichess. if you search up a non-existent account on lichess, it will lead you to the 404 page not found, where the game can be found

  8. my god… missed opportunity. Cut video 2 seconds short – "SEE PATREON FOR ANSWERS AND SECRET VIDEO!!" lol

  9. Your queen is on another castle? What is this, some mario bros bullshit?

  10. Bowser is waiting for you in another castle.

  11. Backward knight moves are easy try diagonal king moves

  12. Alas, your queen is in another castle

  13. "What is this line?" "What is THAT? It's a spike! These don't exist in Chess."

  14. Disappointed he didn't ask once: is this theory?

  15. "I made it to the castle! What happens here??"
    The middlegame

  16. I'm convinced this entire game was created just to make that pun and reference at the end.

  17. so this is what the king goes through to castle…

  18. "Yasser would be so proud of me right now" hahaha

  19. Rather than castling in chess like normal, you must now declare that you will attempt to castle.
    This will then start this mini game, which does not count towards in-game chess time.
    If you win, you succesfully castle.
    If you lose, you lose the rook you attempted to castle with.
    This rule is effective, immediately.

  20. it's like im watching one of those mobile game ads

  21. Is this guy a grand master at normal chess

  22. Danny Chess would have only dreamed of this day

  23. Who knew Chess 2 would be an autoscroller. The team at GaryChess really pulled it off.

  24. I'm really surprised no one has mentioned Chess 2: The Sequel made by David Sirlin. The variant adds 5 new armies (6 including classic), bluffing and a new rule where if the king enters your opponents side of the board you win. My friends and I held a mini Chess 2 tournament and it was a lot of fun, having everyone brought to a similar level was nice too.

  25. He's gotta try Knight Errant and Pawnbarian now.

  26. And it was in this position that Eric Rosen became the first GM of chess 2…

  27. Oh no my queen is in another castle !

  28. Next a game of chess where players aren’t restricted by the convention of turns and can just move pieces as fast as they can

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