’s Stupid System gives an Idiot a Brilliant Move — also please SUBSCRIBE :)

I reviewed my game that got me my first brilliant move and ranted about how bad is. Should be fun, right?


  1. Brilliant satire. Seems everyone's falling for it

  2. It count as good move cause if white takes ur bishop which he doest.Black can goes check with rook then king to rook take white rook then king take back then u can move like queen to d3 that check the king then few more step for checkmate

  3. brilliant moves are moves a that are the best move in the position and hard to find, sometimes u might do a really sensible looking move but the computer gives it a brilliant, this is because the computer calculated 18 moves ahead in all directions and saw that in most positions it is a terrible move but in a few it is better for u so if I calculated like the engine u would’ve probably thought that the move wasn’t good

  4. with this brilliant move, you win queen after 4move sequence, analysis is working good

  5. Noice! Your rated higher than me. Impressive game.

  6. Yo wtf is wrong with people? Wtf is this hatered? Didnt expect this toxicity in chess comunity.

    Btw: anyone knows the checkmate patron after that brillian move?

  7. Why are you talking about stuff you obviously don't understand?

  8. The queen move is the best because it protects the bishop.

    Correct, it didnt determine how good your position was, but it adjusted afterward which was good

  9. just to clarify why it's a brilliant move, when bishop to c5 was played, I ran the position and it basically ensures victory with the line you were thinking of, i.e. rook h1 check allows for queen captures d3 pawn and if white rook takes on h1, rook takes back and white is lost unless a blunder is played by black. which is actually not very distinctly unnatural and quite literally is a game changer, all it asks is to take pieces immediately to prevent white's initial recovery but knight g4 was a blunder because the engine saw you didn't exploit the weakness (knight hanging as bishop is pinned and queen moved away) not easy to find sometimes but this is how the engine saw it.

  10. I got two brilliant moves yesterday att 1100 elo

  11. At 7:15 it is a mistake because if you moved your queen there and let the pawn take your queen and then put the knight there. The king has nowhere to go and all you have to do is bring the rook up next to the king and it is a checkmate. The engine says it is a mistake because you pretty much missed the win but like just a few moves ahead.

  12. It's because engine only has depth 18. So it's a pretty weak engine, that's why they don't see everything as clear sometimes.

  13. The real brilliant move of the game was the Knight sacrifice Nxg4.
    I don't understand the "brilliant" move Bc5. As far as I can see it, it is just a blunder, white takes it and white is up two pieces. The plan that you said with Queen taking d4 pawn can be executed without that "brilliant" Bishop sacrifice. If you played Bc5 one move earlier it would have made all the sense in the world. Then if he took your bishop, you could take his Knight and defend your g3 pawn. However, Bc5 when you played it just doesn't make sense to me. If your plan was to play Rh1+ and Qxd4 after your opponent takes your bishop, why didn't you just play Rh1+ and Qxd4 immediately, without sacrificing the Bishop?

  14. I’ve played a total of 5 brilliant moves (according to the engine). My favorite one was when I sacrificed a bishop in order to then sacrifice my pawn, then my knight, then my rook, which would all lead to checkmate. (All of the sacrifices had to be accepted because every single one led to mate.)

  15. HAHA Im not the only one for who sicilian defense is too hard 😂🤣

  16. Got a brilliant move in one of my first games… didn’t know it was so rare… haven’t had one since

  17. 7:03 Q-E1 is a good move to prevent( B-E3 check then white have to block with rook and then R-H1 is mate…)

  18. In my opinion it's brilliant, because if he takes your bishop, you go Queen d3 and then you can mate easily

  19. Bro you have an ego problem. The engine is giving you useful feedback that you don’t use and think you have much better understanding of the game. The comments are also full of people telling this to you so that you understand and get better at chess, and still you refuse to accept that you are wrong.

  20. I dont want to subscribe, but this happened to me. Viral video, no subs from it. So i subbed and turned off notifications as a win-win.

  21. I don't think you can talk about how dumb a computer is, when the robots take over your will be the first they kill
    Which is why you should use NordVPN because you can set your location to England and talk shit on robots so they nuke the English first

  22. A brilliant mvoe is one the engine thinks is bad when first sees it but youe next move it sees it is good

  23. “what a brilliant move!”
    meanwhile white’s bishop can take black’s bishop without any consequences

  24. I don't get the joke.

    You're half way between "it's just a joke, I know the engine is better" and actually saying the engine isn't useful.

    You clearly have no idea what you're talking about and I don't really see how that's a joke.

  25. funny, lichess found this move in under a second and immediately noticed how much better it was

  26. Indonesia doesn't cheat, he doesn't want the reputation of world chess players to be bad, gotham chess is noob

  27. I guess you're on the level of a GM now

  28. A brilliant move is when you find the only winning ar drawing move

  29. If you take the bishop : Bxc5 Rh1+ Kf2 Rxf1+ Kxf1 Qxd3+ then there are 3 possibilities (Kg1 Qd1+ Kf2 Rh1 then congrats on how to stopping mate by Qf1# or Qe1# or Qxd2# if white moves Nd2) (Kf2 Rh1 then congrats on how to stopping mate by Qf1# or Qcd2# if white moves Nd2) (Ke1 Rh1+ Kf2 Qf1#)

  30. brilliant moves are moves that are deeper than the machine can calculate

  31. Just coz u dont understand it doesn't mean engine is stupid

  32. When u get brilliant move dont be happy …
    Ur pc processor sucks

  33. person who isnt a master trying to argue the engine has bad eval

  34. The most stupid thing I ever saw was a sacrifice to the queen considered rhe best move and it lead to a loss

  35. Ok so how does an inaccuracy give you a bigger advantage that you had at 5:46? Weird

  36. it gave you a brilliant move because it thought you were thinking another parallel universe ahead of it because it usually only thinks 4 parallel universes ahead of time and it thought you had been 5 parallel universes ahead of time

  37. My hands just slipped and got a brilliant move LOL

  38. Thanks for showing me that YouTube, I won't stoop down to his level.

  39. I only have a question, why you have incognito mode activate?

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