’s Stupid System gives an Idiot a Brilliant Move — also please SUBSCRIBE :)

I reviewed my game that got me my first brilliant move and ranted about how bad is. Should be fun, right?


  1. 1:44 Bishop would just get kicked by Pawn G4, pawns developed and bishop is stuck basically, Knight takes G4 but what you did was change a Knight for 2 pawns, King would run, but right side is fully developed.

  2. Bc5 is actually a brilliant move. Its insanely good. You just didn't see it was good.

  3. I would do game report on 26 depth cause the engine misses a lot of stuff at 18 depth.

  4. my boys defending the engines proud of y'all

  5. The problem here is that you're not at a level where you understand why a move is a mistake, inaccurate, best or brilliant.

  6. 6:59 actully thats only an “excellent” move, but the star means “best” move so the best move would have been ‘Bxc5’ (wich is B:bishop, x: takes, c5: your bishop) wich you can see on the top right corner.

  7. "Idk how they came up with it. Maybe they thought: This guy is an idiot, he probably won't notice it"

  8. Dude, your lucky you have brilliant move

  9. I love how there was like a good 2 minutes where he could have moved the rook and then protected him with another rook and checkmated

  10. it is now only the best when i reviewed ir lol

  11. 7:15 Queen g4 pawn takes Queen knight g4 opponent plays Queen to e2 to push back knight rook h1 check mate

  12. The move is proabably winning somehow, engine moves are always like this, but ranking the moves as brilliant or excellent is kinda hard to do, but just know you played one move of the best line

  13. I was playing random moves in a bullet game and ended up getting a brilliant move lol

  14. It a brilliant move because you have line up rook in h8, when opponent ate the bishop, you can check him.

  15. you wanted to make a very common trap of the ruy lopes but you misplaced the bishop and knight

  16. Computer dont think like people … so shrug

  17. he didn't show us his rating otherwise we'd know

  18. This system thing like grandmaster plays with grandmaster with both rating 3500-4000 after 18 turns and calculate millons positions. It always sees human's turns not so good, because we can't calculate so exact, and it sees that some of your turns are bad, but against human with rating 1500+- it can be good. And engines don't like to lose material, even if you want your position to be better

  19. morale of the story: chess .com has a horrible engine

  20. it is a brillant move because if you moved the bishop to c5 when the engine said best move it would still be protected by his queen so when he moved his queen to g3 the bishop had no protection around him and Bc5 was brillant.

  21. Trust me, computer doesn’t give brilliant moves for no reason. I was in a 700 games and my opponent made a brilliant move but didn’t u deist and what time do afterwards so he still lost

  22. "05:63" 😂 Your choice but only ɪɴᴊᴀᴘᴘ 📌

  23. Bro I’m about a 2000 and some how I get beat 3200 bot um so either I’m the best chess player in the world or the bot isn’t actually 3200 more like 1900

  24. I do get why this is a good move, but I dont get how the computer didnt find it.

  25. How did he get a brilliant move on depth 35. That's like impossible!!

  26. '3:58' 😂 Better head directly to ɪɴᴊᴀᴘᴘ … 🌏 should you know you really need it! 💚

  27. 7:11 queen to g4 woul be a nice sacrifice
    When the pawn takes the queen take it back with tha knight
    You would chackmate the king by playing rook to h1

  28. Inaccuracies are not bad moves, they're just not that good. Basically you waste your turn doing nothing, that's the point of inaccuracy. 5:16-knight can move to h3 being covered by pawn, thus even taking it and pawn for rook will simply become uneffective(knight+pawn=4, rook=5). The queen move just oofs your whole plan thus i see no point in further explanation about why is that move bad(and rdh8 too). Brilliant move is kinda obvious-you just flip the game where it's almost 100% your victory. "How is taking that a best move?". Because it will leave your enemy chance to take a free pawn(on e5). Why is that a blunder? This is really hard to see, took me several minutes to understand there's a move queen to h3 completely destroying your opponent while he cannot take with a pawn because of a check with a rook. Trying to avoid it will still lead him into a checkmate with a rook sacrifice from you. But true is the AI mistaken-this is missed win, not a blunder.

  29. Can anyone please tell me how to turn that bar in please?

  30. Why do you question an AI? A brilliant move might come up on an engine because the AI saw a winning continuation, it’s operating on a much higher depth that no human brain regardless of skill level can achieve by itself.

  31. That is called sacrifice, by sac bishop you get knight. Yeah congrats for the move, if my enemy was him, he will just take take take trade take and boom i lose 🤣

  32. I saw a lot of people calling you out on how wrong you are. You kept responding saying it was "sarcasm". I don't think you understand how sarcasm works. Throughout the video you maintained a serious tone with no indication that it was sarcasm or satire. You didn't understand what the chess engine was doing because of your low level and made a video blaming it. This being satire is not believable at all, from the writing to the execution. It seems to me, that you were told you were wrong and rather than admitting to it, tried to use this pathetic sarcasm excuse to defend yourself.

  33. Someone may have pointed it out already but this opening is the classic Fishing Pole. The mainline after white castles is Ng4. White kicks the knight with h6 and black reinforces the knight with h4. The same idea you initially had applies, after white takes the knight you take back with the H pawn and open the H file. The reason you go knight instead of bishop is so your knight is not in the way of your queen which goes to h4, threatening mate. It's a tough mate for white to get out of once in that position.

    The reason you got the inaccuracy with Qd7 is you need to get both knights off the diagonal leading to h4 and rerouting Qd2 to Qh3 isn't a safe square. The engine suggests Rh5 to scare the knight.

  34. First of all i think any sane human being can understand a computer is smarter than them and youre dissing the engine which was right on all of its points you played horribly here and kept saying “idk why this is a bad move and the engine is wrong” and the brilliant move you played was brilliant but it didnt matter because you couldn’t figure out why it was brilliant.

  35. Stockfish is too smart for its own good. The analysis depth can change everything.

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