Chess but Juan has a shotgun

Juan has a shotgun. This makes chess more balanced, especially when he has 2 shotguns. Knight vs chess. chess meme Knight


  1. This is why Chess took place in the medieval times

  2. Pawn d6 to prevent Juan e5

    Juan f4 and the game is over

  3. hello chesslol
    it is me, a guy you probably never seen before
    well you'd be wrong viltuslol
    because i was that one kid who went on 3 videos and told you do horde of queens vs horde of knights
    i haven't played chess in a while so i thought to return to this channel

  4. Shotgun king but you have infinite horse souls

  5. If Juan having a shotgun is unbalanced, then surely Juan having 2 shotguns should be even more unbalanced

  6. Bubblun The Bubble Dragon (Bubble Bobble leader) says:

    Shotgun Knight: Different-Piece Sequel for Shotgun King

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