Chess BUT I Cannot Move Pawns

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In this video, I showed chess meme)
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  1. I will tell you this so that you do not ask.
    I don't want to plagiarize Chess Simp. I want to create videos in his type, so write your challenges here:
    Why it is not plagiate? I think, because I am doing videos Chess BUT, he is doing If… Ends, so I need to complete this challenge anyway. Also, why all of baka mitai videos is not a plagiate? Because it is kind of chess videos, this video is also a type of chess videos🙂

  2. I don't encourage this, try your own ideas! Make you own identity, that is essence of any YouTube channel and very essential! This will do more harm than good my friend

  3. I think you should just do original content that can be found only at your channel. People will watch your videos because they like them, but if you will do videos like this, many people (including me) will rather go to chess simp channel, because they have it there already, so they don't need to search for other channels for this type of content. No offense, just trying to help.

  4. "only king is developed" – it clearly sent me laughing

  5. Play a game where you open with a pawn push on the h file 😀

  6. Well played! I wish to see more of this.:))

  7. Chess, but you like the number 17, you must play the -1.7 disadvantage move (g4)

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