Chess BUT Every Move Is PERFECT

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In this video, I showed brilliant chess game)
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Nick on lichess: EAgle_From_East
@vidIQ is it good video?)
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  1. You overdid it with the editing… all the sound effects and interruptions during the song, just visual effects and minimalistic use of sound effects should be enough.

  2. 0:29 i saw that, that's an excellent, not a best move. Don't lie to me.

  3. Ive had two brilliant moves in a row before lol

  4. I can explain the stockfish dont calculates all moves on board so at the first time he can think your move was a mistake but if u let it think for longer he can change it for good the opposite can also happen

  5. Stockfish is like the three Spidermans meme, pointing at two of itself

  6. One time I got 2 brilliants in a row then one was a mistake when I did the game analysis 💀

  7. Listen bro that time you couldn't have played rag8 that is why computer wanted to shuffle with the rooks like it felt that at that moment the a rook should come in to the game … and in other cases also when u repeat the engines sometimes feel that there is something better than repeating the same move

  8. once i actually got a 100 accuracy game, becuase i memorised the line beforehand and just happened to get it

  9. When you are on assist mode , but playing against a 3200 master bot

  10. literally could not be 100% if there were good or excellent moves

  11. ngl this video made me subscribe and I don’t know why

  12. I think I've only played one 100% accurate game and I crush the opponent in about 20 moves with the fried liver attack

  13. Stockfish sometimes still doesn't understand itself

    Like, there was a video that both of the players were stockfish in the highest level but the moves were still mistakes like what?

  14. How many BOOK MOVES can you get in a game ?!?!

  15. Hey man, congrats on great success of this video


  17. Anyone else catch the excellent move instead of best move?

  18. 0:53, thats a brilliant move? that doesn't make any sense, you take with bishop and white has no response, it should have been a blunder when black took with queen! well at least thats what i see, i'm a 700 player so eh

  19. So I’m confused was this a draw or not

  20. Once I played with 100 accuracy in 13 moves

  21. Stockfish: the fish who stocks computer lines and became the smartest fish of all time, then he became an engine, now hed happy.

  22. Fun fact: its not brilliant in a row. Just in this moves have plan

  23. Bro this is literally according the the same engine that plays the moves. Of course it will be "Perfect". Such a stupid video

  24. 1:28 the bishop wasn't threatening your king so a wasted move at that point

  25. hey can u teach me some chess, cahse my ffiend always makes fun of chess skills pretty please

  26. The title of the video is actually, "Chess but ALMOST every move is Perfect."

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