Chess Anime Opening [My War]

Chess Anime.
The next episode is coming soon.

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  1. First and this should be the real openin

    He has learned the drip 1:13

  2. Shits about to get crazy, and I'm here for it.

  3. It means Ackerman's are queen whose duty is to save king

  4. The next words you will say are," Why is there a Jojo reference in these comments?"

  5. You have done it mr mask you have somehow surpassed dragon ball

  6. 0:41 pawns getting to the end of the board and being tuned into a queen

  7. King : I'm marrying your girlfriend

    Rook : You TRAITOR!!!!!!

  8. all the pawns: *literally having war
    megumin: "so anyway i started blasting"

  9. THE KING IS BACK!!!(get my stupid pun there?🤣)

  10. Never gonna give up chess 😀😀😀

  11. Только подумала о том, как отлично пешки смотрелись бы в кадре с марширующими солдатами – и появилось это видео. Спасибо, прекрасно.

  12. Everybody gangsta until pawns attack with drop kicks

    It was never meant to be

  13. Even if you skip AOT SEASON 4 opening you can't skip world war chess opening

  14. Chess is turning into something else, don't stop

  15. The pepole who were in the section with the comments be like:wow. I am now in a really cool anime opining.

  16. I see Rook is want to start the war against the king

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