Chess 3.0

In this video, I play a crazy version of 3-player chess with @DinaBelenkaya (WGM Dina Belenkaya) and @AdhibanBaskaran.
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  1. eric not promoting his last pawn in that first game was painful to watch

  2. That board has a very unfortunate shape. It reminds me of that party.

  3. Are these players so smart they're stupid? Or they're only good at what they're learned.. cause you can easily pick up the fact that the other Kings don't matter and it's 5 check yet they don't understand til much later? You see them forking kings when in fact the knight is worth more cause it's the only piece that checks

  4. They didn’t even release a beta… so glitchy, 3/10

  5. There's a sun wheel in the middle of the board, Hindus will like this game.

  6. 12:40
    "yeah so, well… you're §#!t – Eric Rosen 2021 out of context

  7. 3 person 5 check king-of-the-hill fusion madness. What fun!

  8. a skribble session with you guys would be insanely epic pls do it

  9. "I don't know what happened" -Eric while grinning evilly

  10. The variant is "guardians of the badlands", a played 4pc variant and there are royal kings like when i play 4pc

  11. It is king of the hill, more commonly known as KOTH

  12. Royal kings have a circle around them, kings can capture kings if they are not royal, if there is capture the kings, then you can capture the royal king, Eric Rosen

  13. I have a three player chess set, but it doesn't look anything like this. It was made by a Polish player (I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere lol). It's shaped like the letter Y, with rhombus shaped squares near the middle tha go to the other 2 players. If anyone wins the other two lose (seems like the two would gang up on a guy who was winning, so it's seems like a dog chasing its tail maybe, hence maybe the Polish joke possibility lol).

  14. damn I was 100% sure Eric gonna get trampled by dina and fireheart, what a plot twist

  15. Finally, an realistic version of chess

  16. The Kings seem to move like "Beserkers".

  17. What are king for? Is king better than knigh? What a world we live in

  18. I like that game very injoy coach erick what is that apps

  19. Not gonna lie, this is unwatchable. I totally don't understand what's going on.
    I really like your normal videos, but these crazy and stupid chess variants are trash.

  20. This is a pretty interesting variant that Ive played a bit of a while ago with friends. Generally you want to create knights on the left and kings on the right, being careful to not get pawns trapped unable to promote. eventually when green runs out of pieces, the main kings try to rush to the center but get stopped by the lesser kings and knights.

  21. I still hope one day you try my chess variant. 🙂

  22. Please show some Kingsgambit move! 🙏🙏

  23. Eric, where are you?!hope you’re okay

  24. Was I the only one who realized it was king of the hill?

  25. "im trying to rub your head with my cursor, to, uh, absorb your piece power"


  26. im pretty sure promotion kings are omnidirectional pawns because yk the maze

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