Chaturanga VS Chess: Similar And Different Features

Chaturanga VS Chess

Our comparison of chaturanga vs chess will focus on the key elements of the games. Although the ancient entertainment can be up to 4 people, we’ll consider the version for 2. At first glance, the board and pieces seem identical. Scroll down to dive deeper.

The Same Elements

The old intellectual game was played on a board of the same size. It consisted of 64 squares. Additionally, most pieces are easily recognizable. Depending on the version, there are horses, elephants, foot soldiers, and the raja (shah or king). This is where similarities end.

Chaturanga VS Chess

Similar And Different Features

The board is believed to be divided into squares but they were of one color. As for the pieces, not all of them moved the way we’re used to. For example, what we know as a bishop could go diagonally. But only to 2 squares in any direction.

According to old rules, the promotion existed. But most researchers agree that choosing any piece to summon was not an option.

The end of the game is also believed to be slightly different. No checkmate was required: you should destroy the king’s army to win. Some versions support imprisoning the main piece.

There is no evidence supporting the stalemate. If such a situation occurred, the player who organized such a trap won.

And the most evident distinction is 2 dice that were present in some incarnations. They determined which soldier could move.

How To Play Today?

How To Play Today

If you compare chaturanga vs chess, there would be lots of contrasting features between them. But you can enjoy the ancient entertainment with your friend even today. Take the ordinary board, study the rules and let the war between the 2 armies begin.

But the fastest way to learn is to watch others play. We’ve found a video of 2 guys fighting for victory. They also explain the rules during the process. So, it’s easy to tune in and get the hang of the nuances. Follow the link to watch it.