Can Mittens defeat Martin and his lawn mowers?

Martin starts with an ability advantage, but can he win? Lawn mowers are activated on the rank where the enemy piece moved to. It only captures enemy pieces. Chess match with stockfish analysis


  1. If a single piece got to the back rank… A SINGLE PIECE. Edit: woooo it happened

  2. Mittens needs to learn to play around lawnmowers.

  3. Tested what would happen if King was immune to lawn mowers.

    It leads to 2 knights vs 2 knights after 100 moves. Possibly an endless chess match

  4. I always wondered how a lawn mower killed everything but a lawn

  5. I never knew roblox got the fornite update with checkers on the minecraft version before baldi guy updates it

  6. How do you make the bots play each other

  7. Shouldn't moving a piece onto the first rank while a king is there be illegal? You're kind of moving into check in a way.

  8. Martin should only have lawnmowers at HIS side of the chess board

  9. A bit rattled that the voice didn’t say “(or pawn)” at 0:02 and thereafter.

  10. i mean… mittens has no idea about this whole 'lawnmower' thing, its just playing like normal. sooo

  11. Martin used (craaaaazzzzyyyyy) dave's gambit

  12. I don't know people invent names for openings like "roasted liver opening"

  13. I mean… he couldve just went for the king

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