Can Mittens defeat Martin and his lawn mowers?

Martin starts with an ability advantage, but can he win? Lawn mowers are activated on the rank where the enemy piece moved to. It only captures enemy pieces. Chess match with stockfish analysis


  1. But just lawnmowers the back rank to get rid of the king???

  2. Mittens : I am the best chess bot!
    Martin : hold my lawnmower

  3. I guess Mittens has really 1 Elo since it lost to Martin 😆

  4. Martin, after having been bullied for so long, found new ways to win his matches.

  5. Why not just take the king with the lawn mower round 1

  6. zomboss been reeeal quiet since this dropped

  7. There shouldn’t have been an 8th rank lawnmower, or it shouldn’t have been allowed to take the King. Mittens is just never going to go King to the 7th in middle game, so it’s guaranteed to lose every time.

  8. The real downfall happened when the queen moved and took out all of the pawns with it

  9. Bro was so confident in his lawnmowers he used the Bongcloud opening 💀

  10. *Martin Blunders everything
    *Wins by Lawn mower😅😂

  11. Mittens didnt have any code that made it aware of the lawnmowers so it played as normal as if there werent mowers

  12. When the bong cloud opening actually counters a challenge lmao

  13. Plot twist: mittens uses the lnights to checkmaTe martin at the last moment

  14. I was actually waiting for Mittens to Castle. 😂

  15. You know a piece is OP when Martin of all wins. 😂

  16. I guess Mittens couldn't get Martin's brain this time.

  17. Mittens looking like Dr. Zomboss in thumbnail

  18. I love how mittenss algorithm can’t even see or account for the lawnmowers AT ALL.

  19. What a great and original idea!
    Martin surely loves taco!

  20. I imagine to lawnmow 1st rank on the 1st turn. Instant win.

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