Bongcloud Sub Battle vs Gothamchess | AIM HIGH

In this sub battle, Hikaru’s subs play Gothamchess subs in a Bongcloud Accepted Position. AIM HIGH Bois!!

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🎥 Thumbnail by: Jojochessnoob
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  1. Came back to watch the video again if you look in the beginning you can see how bad Hans used to be and now he can beat Mangnus 100% accuracy lmao

  2. lol hilarious stuff, i love these two! "do you like avocados?" LOL

  3. I am 1840 as of now but I'll never play infront of them because my game is not takes takes takes checkmate. My game is oh what is this opening. Okay can't think of a move let's go h3 oh my god my Bishop was hanging 😭. Oh my god I missed a mate in one. Oh look at the clock. Okay let's flag the opponent 👍😎. You can literally be 1800 like this. Take notes guys below me

  4. I played bongcloud….my opponent just resigned on move 2!!😁

  5. I love how the video opened talking about me and ended with my win. Thanks for having me on the subbattle, and i definitely didn’t have ice in my veins at the end there, my heart was about to explode from the stress of playing in front of like 10.000 people.

  6. Okay.. this thumbnail is out of hands man.
    Whos responsible for this?

  7. Anna is the most wholesome person in existence. It's not even fair to compare anyone to her.

  8. Hikaru was actually smoking pot in the thumbnail, authentic 😂

  9. So, the first thing I would need to do if I were to buy Levy's channel is determine the exact net worth of the Wayne family. It's not just tied up in Bruce.

  10. 12:25 – thanks for the shoutout fam ❤️

    12:59 – I will answer to “Discount David Pakman” going forward 😂😂

  11. I wonder if Hikaru big brother's Levy off camera too, or just on camera haha? Funny though

  12. Is the eating like an inside joke or something

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