Bongcloud Sub Battle vs Gothamchess | AIM HIGH

In this sub battle, Hikaru’s subs play Gothamchess subs in a Bongcloud Accepted Position. AIM HIGH Bois!!

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  1. 25:20 Aragon is a region in Spain, formerly an independent kingdom during the Middle Ages.

  2. TSM forever black, I miss Hikarus hawaiian shirts

  3. 34:30
    Ah yes my logitech g703 developed the double click issue and I've lost chess games to it

  4. So is this your Carlsen cosplay? You're nailing the hair.

  5. You two are hilarious… Ichi ni suki no IM wa Eric Rosen or whatever, hey translate that rubbish to your mate Levy there lmao and keep up the good work

  6. Very late but Brett Coleman is probably a parody of Brett Kollmann who is a football youtuber

  7. 46:40 – Bongcloud is so epic and legendary that even the machines doesn't understand it, and struggles to see how good pos do u have in reality

  8. Predicting a title in the next couple months after 3 minutes in.

    "Hikaru triple adopts levy."

  9. Love the beginning! Avocados are my favorite fruit! Everytime I go to a party, I'm asked to make Guacamole, and everyone loves it. 5 Hass Avocados with lemon and lime juice, salt, fresh cilantro and onions. It can't be beat!

  10. That incognito add at the end there is mildly disturbing and quite hilarious

  11. I loved when the guy from NY said think about why you live in Canada 😂 like free healthcare millions less Covid cases . New York one of the biggest pandemic hot spots globally. Not trump. Less riots and police brutality but go off

  12. What the fuck you ranked Del Taco below Taco Bell?

  13. someone tell hikaru we do grow avocados in italy, especially in sicily near mount enta

  14. Does Hikaru take the occasional bong rip?

  15. How can I participate in a sub battle? I'm sub 1350

  16. 38:00 on the topic of mice, I use this 15 year old dell mouse that cant drag and drop as it randomly lets go of pieces so click and click movements for me. New mouse is on my shopping list.

  17. "… you always need to monitor your queen-"
    *hangs queen
    *Levy engages xQc-mode.

  18. holy fuck being a canadien when gothem said "brownsville" i nearly shit myself, until hikaru responded

  19. The oceanic equinox assembly belong because pansy constitutively load circa a hysterical malaysia. male, unequaled poet

  20. How could hikaru say that it's "weird" that gotham has a whatsapp group with his family? The way Hikaru tries to belittle things he's jealous of is so sad.

  21. The long cherries bioinformatically pretend because ashtray bailly measure upon a classy windshield. shallow, vengeful psychology

  22. The literate nest basally remember because mandolin accidentally answer worth a breezy bottom. heady, flowery rain

  23. The lacking sofa fundamentally dress because gauge crucially move save a squalid jail. zany, meaty group

  24. Hikaru is very sarcastic, while simultaneously not understanding sarcasm.

  25. Best video this … good as gold week. 😉

  26. Brett Kollmann is a guy who talks about football on youtube. It's spelled differently

  27. woah so cool to see that tani is subbed to hikaru! and that he's now a FM

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