Blindfolded Chess – GM Hikaru and Gothamchess take turns not seeing the chess pieces

IM Levy Rozman ( @GothamChess ) and GM Hikaru Nakamura play blindfold chess vs subscribers


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  1. Wait, they can really just theoretically play chess against eachother without a board😂

  2. Hikaru making premoves in blindfold chess is just boss level behavior.
    You simply can't compete with that.

  3. I wonder what they visualise? Like the board and pieces, or the coordinates, like g3 and Qh7 etc.

  4. Funny to hear a "have you seen the Queens Gambit"
    "I liked that it has accuracy, like that they setup the board right, but they mix it up with substance abuse"
    "Yeah that sound weird"

    Really? I am looking at a dead drunk number one of the world almost daily on screen. 😂😂😂😂

  5. At the beginning of the game I thought we the audience were supposed to imagine the game just by the call outs hahaha

  6. I can barely keep the position in my head with my eyes open. I can't even comprehend playing blindfolded.

  7. very interesting to hear them talking about queen's gambit 2 years after it came out, knowing that it had such a big impact on chess

  8. I have 2 questions!

    1. How can you do that?
    2. Are you human?

  9. They're talking, laughing, joking, wasting playing time and still winning blindly. My mind is blown out!

  10. I never cheated to play against anyone in chess but i can tell you alot of people do out their i feel like anyone over 1300 rating probably cheating. If your under that you never cheat.

  11. 28:38 they both said it wrong, didn't they?!😅

    It's okay!… you can't be good at everything! 😘

  12. 37:00 I am genuinely convinced that Hikaru saw the Monka S in chat through the blindfold. This man continues to wow me.

  13. OMG Chess instead of being a 2D game has a pretty much amount of influence but the thumnail made me think bro is playing mortal kombat or something

  14. its so surreal hearing them talk about Queen's Gambit as it came out, the thing that slingshotted their careers in entertainment and they didnt even realize just mentioned it so casually around 8:30

  15. "BTW have you watched the show Queens Gambit or something ?"

  16. Hikaru : 😂 im sorry Levi😂

    Levi : 😄😐😶

  17. lol you have to be right 100% of the time levi…Hikaru with the solid advice

  18. wild hearing you guys talk about queens gambit coming out when it made such a big impact on the chess world

  19. "It's better to be white than black" – Hikaru

  20. Does anybody know why hikaru and levy dont cooperate on stream or on youtube anymore?

  21. Bro.. people play chess while driving..?! That's fucked up.

  22. Soooo… 2 GMs can play chess even without a board or pieces by just talking to each other?

  23. my rating is 3198 and i want to play me Hikaru blindfolded

  24. When ur better and blind hes like the girl from hunter hunter komagi

  25. 57:12 Hikaru: “That’s why it’s better to be white than black”

  26. Premoving blindfolded is a different kind of flex

  27. I love these two! As a kid I would've called them nerds as an adult I lose sleep watching them play all night and LOVE it the entire time LOL

  28. V kramnik be like: no no its not blind fold its VR glasses ……

  29. Hello Everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that the rest of the ScrubStomping Speedrun will be on More GM Hikaru. We had too many videos to release at once and we decided to finish the speedrun over there. Part 6 and 7 are up over there. Part 6 is – don't forget to drop a sub over there as once we're at 50K subs on More GM Hikaru I'll do a speedrun with eyetracker to 3200 – that's always been a request and I'm hoping I get to do it for everyone. Thanks for all the support!

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