AUTOMATE: How Unbeatable is This Setup REALLY? | Part 2

Watch Part 1 here where I beat more people with this setup:

AUTOMATE: HOW Unbeatable is This Setup REALLY? | Part 2


  1. I love this setup because i won like a 30 automate games 🙂 Thank you!

  2. I played twice and lost both to two different opponents lol

  3. This setup is trash. My first game ended in a draw about 12 moves in as both sides just moved back and forth. Lost three in a row, followed by my one win, two more losses and a draw.

  4. Its not broken, you just have superior strategy

  5. I have not won a game with this yet. its been 5 games

  6. I have lost every single game I've ever played with this setup.

  7. Giving out someone's set up tho kinda low 🤔

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