AUTOMATE – Game Mode On – Tutorial and One BEST Setup? Part 1

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  1. I played against this in a game, but I just bought 2 queens for only 14 points, then a rook and 3 knights I think, I this worked really well against the knights. Its hard for a human to play against an army of tricky knights, but as long as stockfish is playing with your pices, it can handle it. Queen=7 is very cheep I think, so this might get chanced soon. I have not tried 3 queens yet, but I at least know that 2 queens are really strong in the late middle game and in the endgame.

  2. Take my word this is going to be the most trending chess variant ever when it's ready.

  3. The computer missed a rook queen fork so idk if it's anything more than a low level engine

    edit: I caught at least 3 terrible moves so definitely not a good engine

  4. Bro are you joking? I won the first game but the next six i lost. I played against this setup with my on made up one and it beat it -_-

  5. 4:54 i think that putting a rook in h8 and another in h7 here is pretty good

  6. this is already patched because the bishop and rook costs one point less.

  7. if you wanna win with knights you need pawns to prevent knights movement also possible sounterknights with rooks or knights pawns rooks it is possible to win always but its rely on how you playce your pices

  8. No knight was good on 3. Bishop 4 is expencive

  9. can confirm works i beat my pro chess friend very quick

  10. Darth Jar Jar Binks The real Sith lord says:

    I played this and ended up in playing a ton of games with a dude called pawanish. That was the closest I have been to a partner.
    A lot of fun and I tried to tell him the tradegy of Darth Plagueis the wise.

  11. Blah. My first and only time using this was a loss

  12. Why play this when you can 3 move mate someone in Atomic kek

  13. Its not inbeatable, I just made my own and actually did beat it

  14. dude, im sorry, but this sucks. I won none of the three times i played, lost once, and drew two times…

  15. Useless do this.😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  16. Tried it for my first two games and lost them both.

  17. Someone did this trick against me and i won that game just by puttin every single chess piece in developped positions.

  18. when i played this mode my pawns does not capture opponents free queen right in front of them and the opponents queen kill all my pawns

  19. Now they have changed it so knights are worth the same as bishops, and rooks are now worth 4

  20. They need to use centi pawns (instead of 1 point for a pawn it would be 100 points for a pawn) that way they can use a more precise value for the Knight and Bishop

  21. 4:58 could've placed two rooks on the h7 and h8 for an advantage, or am I missing something?

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