Army Rooks VS Army Grasshoppers. Who win? Fairy Chess

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The grasshopper is a fairy chess piece that moves along ranks, files, and diagonals but only by hopping over another piece. The piece to be hopped may be any distance away, but the grasshopper must land on the square immediately behind it in the same direction. If there is no piece to hop over, it cannot move. Army Rooks VS Army Grasshoppers. Who win? Fairy Chess.


  1. The Grasshopper attack looks like the cannon in Chinese chess which only attack whats behind the enemy

  2. I've no idea what is going on, but I agree

  3. so if the grasshopper goes first, it's instant win?

  4. Already check mate without any moves by black and

  5. Pieces on the edge of the board are untouchable by grasshopper – right? How do you give check(mate) with grasshoppers?

  6. I didn't expected the grasshopper to be so much weak in the end. 😬🙄

  7. Aonde eu consigo jogar o xadrez assim ? Com esses desafios?

  8. If you didn’t know grapehoppers can jump at least unlimited jumps bc it can jump over pieces but when there are double pieces he will kill in the back (on early game it’s op) (mid game is not op) (late game it becomes weak)

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