Anna Cramling Gets Checkmated In 4 Moves By Eric Rosen

In this video I tried XXL Chess with @eric-rosen. I hope you enjoy 🙂

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Thanks for watching!

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  1. I dont know anything about chess and i get recommended Chess1.6

  2. Everybody gangsta until someone blunders their camel

  3. 8:48 Anna's so fascinated by all the new pieces that she forgot how the regular pieces move. LOL😂

  4. Camels, Elephants, duck-chess?! What's happening?.Next we have Anna- pieces, that would be a wild game.😄😄

  5. oh my days, my two favorite chess streamers know each other

  6. You lost in 4 moves. 😂😂😂😂

  7. Eric could've forked the Amazon and the king with his camel for so many moves..

  8. If I was Eric I would be asking you out on a date! Who cares about chess! When I could go out with Anna!

  9. The first camel checkmate was so hilarious 😂

  10. The first thing I noticed is that you have a light square camel and a dark square camel. Similar to bishops but camels.

  11. This game is awesome! I doubt even stockfish would be much better than Hikaru!

  12. Luv Anna…but I'm not feeling this at all!

  13. Might have made more sense to play a game where you both know the rules…

  14. Why wouldn't you promote to a kaknight instead of a queen

  15. we can still have more pieces
    Camel + knight = hippo
    Camel + queen = zebra
    Camel + bishop = panda
    Camel + rook = dolphin
    Camel + king = lieutenant
    Camel + general(that’s the knight + king) = commander
    Camel + archbishop(that’s the knight + bishop) = pope
    Camel + chancellor(that’s the knight + rook)= wizard
    Camel + amazon(that’s the knight + queen)= Valkyrie

  16. 1:28 "Oh no! My camel!!"

    (I was here when the video was first posted, I'm here again as a passerby)

  17. i really you ana ❤ i hope i can play with you on a 10minute rapid ❤a big dream come true❤❤❤❤❤

  18. I wanna see someone play XXL Chess blindfolded

  19. lol, Only tell anna bout the pawn promotion rule after it's too late to stop it. kind of a jerk move loool

  20. "ahh… This is checkmate" c descojona

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