Andrew Tate’s Crazy Chess Game Out Of Jail…

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  1. andrew tate is so trash at chess how tf is he 1600 lmao

  2. I haven’t seen people play the Pirc much, I didn’t even consider the possibility of Andrew playing it

  3. “Sir, what do you have to say about your release?”
    “1. e4”

  4. Pretty decent chess game for so much hype

  5. Honestly, I like it so much that I can see him playing Chess and to be able to analyze his moves and tactics, but I would hate so much that I don't have my privicy to just play the game without knowing that the whole world is watching me playing Chess 😄

  6. review world chess championship match?, nah, Andrew Tate better

  7. Andrew is just rusty after prison that's all. Nothing to see here

  8. Andrew played the queen's gambit against Piers Morgan

  9. Braso keeps shouting you out lol but I was here before there lol

  10. Bro is milking every single game tate has played since hes been released😂

  11. What’s his username? I would like to go over some of his games

  12. Otto: "Andrew Tate"
    Closed Captions:"Henry Tape"

  13. I have an odd feeling these arent actually his games

  14. I dont think Andrew is good at chess. He is okayish. He missed a lot of moves. Being a 1600 player and missing such an easy moves like this is not good.

  15. a pretty bad game from tate tbh. missed a lot of intuitive moves but we all have bad games

  16. 7:16 I don't think it blunders because a few moves later hed fork the rook and king

  17. He won the game of Life, but not chess.

  18. He sees the problems but just save them for later. I love his way of playing because he makes the enemy believe that he makes misstakes.

  19. Great job my friend! You should do emory tates reviews too

  20. Most people are afraid to sacrifice a rook. I like it 😃

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