Andrew Tate explains how chess will improve your life

Andrew Tate learned chess at a young age from his father, the late Master Emory Tate. In this interview he explains how learning the game helped shaped his view on life for the better.


  1. Bare in mind that is father was an American chess champion…

  2. If sheis shit….good ridance….no dead weight…..replace them

  3. and he sacrifices… THE WIFE


  4. lol wtf i am an IM and literally this is so fuckin wrong that is just wrong

  5. I don't agree with the description of the pawns, but chess is great for the mind.

  6. You try to king mate,, aren't you gay?😅

  7. cant wait to sacrifice the queen in real life

  8. In Tate's case you just have a bunch of camgirls and make them give you all the money.

  9. Pawn promoting to queen: romance with secretary

  10. Don t forget the game ends only when the king dies

  11. its funny because I recognise the final board position as Morphy vs the duke and the count in the Italian opera house in Paris in 1858

  12. I can’t count the amount of times I find myself using chess terminology in every life. It really does apply to sound decision making, being aware and focused

  13. As a king of ur own chessboard can be a pawn in another's kings chessboard

  14. Remember that the queen isn’t necessary to win the game. Neither are pawns. Only the boy’s can get you the victory

  15. the last demonstration of the knight taking the pawn is literally hanging a knight lmao

  16. A game can still be won without a Queen, but can never we won without a King

  17. "Im the only centre pawn, im going to be a Queen someday and im going to cut my thingy"

    @Top Chess

  18. So ,the point of your life is to just kill some random dude?

  19. it couldn't teach him how to make his father love him 🙁

  20. Why the horse rook and bishop look like that tho

  21. King being the most important piece but can control over others still weak compared to other pieces except pawns but pawns can be changed into other stronger pieces after reaching the other end hmmm… This indicates the king is weak that's why he needs to be protected according to this logic

  22. What queen is gone that worker/pawn will soon be a Queen👁️👄👁️ what the Shrek

  23. Who else is focusing on the people in the background and listening at the same time

  24. and you sacrifice the queen in order to win

  25. Wait but I thought like the whole point of Andrew Tate was that the men protects the women but in chess the queen protects the king because the queen has the best moves

  26. its a game that was born during a brutal age when life counted for little and everyone believed that some people were worth more than others. Kings and pawns. I don't think that anyone is worth more than anyone else. Chess is a game, real people are not pieces that you can sacrifice, anyone who sees life is a game of chess deserves to lose

  27. Never let them know you're next move
    I chose to have no queen

  28. If you promote a workforce they become your second queen, and that’s called cheating, happens in life 😂

  29. Chess teaches much more interesting lessons than this superficial nonsense

  30. "Queen obeys king"

    You see, this is where the misogyny comes from

  31. Tate is telling men to be men and here are simps wanting to be slaves of women and feminism

  32. Not only to put everyone on the right place but also sacrifice some of the which is the sad part

  33. I treat my women like a queen.

    Sacc the queen.

  34. The Opera game but Paul Morphy credit to whoever did the board

  35. Queen obey the king even though she has million times more power? Ha. Good luck.

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