Andrew Tate explains how chess will improve your life

Andrew Tate learned chess at a young age from his father, the late Master Emory Tate. In this interview he explains how learning the game helped shaped his view on life for the better.


  1. Meanwhile, his brother Tristan: I spent 10K on party and nerds keep playing chess 😂 (I don’t hate Andrew tho)

  2. And remember…a pawn can always be upgraded all the way up to a queen 😉

  3. Don't have any of these things and still doing well. Thanks x

  4. Andrew The Fuckin Goat 🐐❤️

  5. Here's a badass quote: "life is like playing chess, when you move pieces it's called choices but when god makes a move it's called challenges."

    – a quote from my brothers yearbook thing

  6. I wonder if that dude got an education with his prize money?

  7. Yeah but those pawns are the strongest since they can literally promote to anything and they are low in quality but high in quantity so I say pawns are the strongest piece in chess!

  8. If u promote the pawn to queen that means, your worker who is a girl will become your wife

  9. Wait til the pawn reaches the end of the board, it's now a queen

  10. He is only around 1800 rating. He is not a strong player.

  11. says the guy who completely shat on a chess netflox series because the protagonist is a woman

  12. I always knew chess supported the trans movement. You always get that odd child soldier who thinks he's a woman when he gets his tiara at his promotion.

  13. The queen : strongest piece on chess
    Andrew tate : the queen has to obey the king
    Like where did u pull that? from ur ass?

  14. Lyrics
    Chess teaches you everything you need to know about life
    Youre the king you got all the peices around you
    You have a queen the most important queen thats the woman you choose in your life if you choose a shit woman youre gonna have a shit life
    So you need to have a good queen the queen needs to be in a good place and she needs to obey the king you got your brothers you got your boys your knights and bishops and rooks those are the people who you really care about and the strongest pieces on your board if theyre all shit once again youre gonna have a shit life then you got pawns pawns are the people who work for you or work with you or people who arent particulary loyal to you but theyre loyal to a paycheck that youre providing you got to put the everyone in the right placeand you gotta win the game

  15. Yeah he is right but also remember that you win in chess depending on how good you are with the pieces so if you are shit the pieces are also shitty as well be a better person

  16. Queen should obey the king…tells a lot about his brain

  17. Look at the woman trying desperately to make a cameo in the background here. Pay attention men, this is true value.

  18. Imagine if you have four beautiful queens, you'll never lose!

  19. Repent and turn to the lord Jesus Christ and you will have eternal life ✝️🙏

  20. disagree pawns are some of the most important pieces, they remain with the king in the endgame truly loyal

  21. Andrew Tate and Tristian Tate are the savior of this generation. If dont exist in this generation then there might be huge problem.

  22. MF Tate. This game is invented by Indians/Hindus.
    Better you should learn some manners.

  23. Have a look at my chess channel…
    Its the best chess channel

  24. What if i choose another king? Jancel tate lgtv,free palpatine

  25. and another life lesson is you can make your little worker (pawn) into a queens and you can have a harem of queens!

  26. Chess is fun, and if you think about it, chess is like a lot of things in life

  27. So do the pawns just suddenly have identity Existential crisis when they make it to the other side of the board and possibly turn Trans does this mean Andrew Tate Coming out the closet🙀

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