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Here’s an ancient chess puzzle. Many consider this as among one of the first ever recorded chess puzzle.
Chess was invented in ancient Bharat. As Bharat was the economic, cultural and military superpower of the world, it had strong trade relationship with many other civilizations like the Romans, The Persians.
Through trade chaturanga (Sanskrit word for 4 parts of army) passed on from Bharat to various parts of middle-east and then to the European continent.
There it went through a series of changes and became the chess we have today.
Here is one of the oldest chess puzzles ever!
1) Nh5+ Rxh5
2) Rxg6+ Kxg6
3) Re6#
This puzzle highlight the tactical theme of attraction 🧲 or decoy.
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  1. I was very close…….found till the 2nd move but the last move……I didn't get it……Really interesting and keep up the great job!

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