ANCIENT CHESS Is INSANE | History Of The Evil Pawn – Chess Memes #9

When you play ancient chess and you meet the Ancient Evil Pawn! Chess memes #9.
Ancient Evil Pawn: The moment for you to find the truth has come! Don’t forget!I am watching you!

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  1. where is the whorse, oh sorry the horse i want to see it smashed by the evil pawn

  2. Another Great Video! So that’s how the evil pawn became “Evil”…

  3. What an amazing chess video this is! Thank you, you made my day…

  4. The Black Rook 2.0 version is disrespecting Black King

  5. Sh*t! Like seriously though his gonna kill the entire universe as viewers.

  6. This has 100 times better plot than most netflex shows

  7. At 6:55 I thought that he is about to evolve into a queen 👑
    And from there, a new discovery of Queen happens
    But it turned out to be something else 🤠🤠

  8. I came to watch an old chess variation but this was still good

  9. This sounds familliar… as if i have seen a simmilar pawn snap

  10. This video gives me the legendary pawn vibe as the video goes on

  11. Then something just snapped, something inside of me. I didn't care anymore. I didn't care about being better than King, I didn't care about being a pawn. I didn't care if I lived. I didn't care about anything! And then.. It happened.

  12. It wouldn't be a chess.exe video without a joke like pawnless and Undertale music

  13. I dont pley CEST so i dint Eni pices

  14. Am I watching a chess video or an anime?

  15. 🗿 as a 2200 Master I can say I'm going to suffer from chessblind bc of this game

  16. ok evil pawn thats funny but did you discover that i can just pause the video?

  17. I kill your brother you noobest pawn har har mahadev

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