ANCIENT CHESS Is INSANE | History Of The Evil Pawn – Chess Memes #9

When you play ancient chess and you meet the Ancient Evil Pawn! Chess memes #9.
Ancient Evil Pawn: The moment for you to find the truth has come! Don’t forget!I am watching you!

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  1. so umm we are in truble. the pawn is coming to eliminate humanity. our own chess game peces are rebeling and soon we will pay the price of enslavment of chess.

  2. 1:46 wait did the elephant just go through at the diagonal of a pawn?!?

  3. bro i came to watch this video about chess meme and i end up with an amazing anime!?

    +1 sub

  4. Данил Диванний боець says:

    Is this a chess or Netflix show? XD
    P.s too many anime. Shame(

  5. "You will never never touch us again"
    Yes, indeed, but nuclear weapons will.

  6. Average top chess copy but more interesting😅😅😅😅😅😅

  7. "She evolves from the queen to this piece called the minister."
    Queen: refers to a woman
    "He can move diagonally 1 square"

  8. Relax man i dont even play chesRelax man i dont even play chess

  9. This Pawn is stupid I can just throw him in a new dimension

  10. I have used and played with you with LIFE this is why I play chess outside so everytime I play you can see nature

  11. The bow that white king has from the game Minecraft.

  12. Damn this shit was hella interesting

    I came here from the short byw


  14. Nah bro he won't destroy our true creator

  15. 8:18
    Black Pawn : I will come to your world a-
    Me : Okay bye!
    ( Stopped Watching and Imagined that this didn't exist)

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